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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-25

  • @alyankovic Is her name Amy? in reply to alyankovic #
  • As long as it's better than the 1994 US Godzilla RT @gadgetdoll o.0 interwebs what is your thoughts? #
  • Same for those on buses RT @wilw Dear everyone talking on cell phones in airports: please use your inside voice. Signed, everyone else. #
  • Maybe it's just me, but does anyone else get annoyed when the news says "service" instead of "Mass" when discussing Catholics? #getitright #
  • Apparently the hot plate was not, in fact, plugged in, which explains why my food was not, in fact, cooking. #
  • While the chili I made for dinner was extremely good, it had the unfortunate side-effect of keeping me up all night from near-asphyxia #
  • Ahmadenijad: "We've never been anti-Semitic – when was I anti-Semitic?" LOLWUT? #
  • Don't know why it took me so long, but I've got @steam_games up and running in Linux on my netbook now, connected to my Windows partition #
  • In other words… no need to reboot so much just so I can play video games #
  • When you've got 3k tweets in 24 hours and they're all identical copy-paste @ replies & nothing else? You're a dirty spammer. Buh-bye. #
  • @theisb As opposed to the stretch limo Hummers out here in California in reply to theisb #
  • How appropriate RT @blambot: Blambot's font, FEAST OF FLESH to be featured int he October issue of PENTHOUSE. #
  • A LEGO Star Trek game would rock RT @scifigeeks: Star Trek, Serenity, BSG and 23 other awesome LEGO #Scifi creations #
  • @trekonlinegame The game has improved significantly since launch, and I look forward to see what's to come in reply to trekonlinegame #
  • Dammit, just realized I left my swimsuit at home. No laps for me today. I can still study at the library as planned, at least. #fb #
  • Had a very productive couple of hours at the library today. #
  • How can something be "the hot new drama everyone's talking about" if it hasn't aired yet, and I've never heard anyone mention it before? #
  • If, in fact, "everyone's talking about" it, then, ergo, I should have heard someone mention it. #
  • Another ad just irked me. You cannot refer to a car as a UFO, because, by definition, a UFO must be flying. #
  • That is, of course, unless the ad is introducing hover-conversion technology, which we're due for in the next 5yrs per Back to the Future II #
  • Watching the pilot of the new Hawaii Five-O. I hate it when characters talk while driving and DON'T LOOK AT THE ROAD FOR 2 MINUTES STRAIGHT #
  • It's so very strange to see James Marsters walking around in daylight LOL #
  • @Mefran Well, that just goes without saying in reply to Mefran #
  • Great. Mobile internet hasn't been working on my Blackberry all day, but I still have voice & text. WTF, MetroPCS? #
  • A friend from my USAF days is in critical condition after an incident with an IED in Afghanistan. Praying for his recovery. #
  • Once, we were up almost 24 hrs during an exercise, & my friend took abt 50 blank dog tags, put them on & parodied Mr. T. Stay strong, Cory. #
  • OK, this bus driver is one of the worst I've had. 3 times in 15 mins ran red lights because he's driving too fast. He's pretty rude, too #
  • @theisb You forgot that? HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT?! in reply to theisb #
  • @theisb That would necessitate me spending $500 on an iPad. Which still sounds suspiciously like a feminine hygiene product to me. in reply to theisb #
  • Heard this morning that my friend is now in critical but stable condition, waiting on a flight from Afghanistan to Germany. Long road ahead #
  • Nice! RT @abc7: 'Fee Free Day' for San Bernardino National Forest visitors on Saturday, Sept. 25 #
  • @Mefran Did you know that Barclay actually appeared in more episodes of Voyager than TNG? in reply to Mefran #
  • @Mefran With my schedule, I'll be lucky if I see it once. Still haven't seen season 3 of Chuck yet, and season 4 started this week… in reply to Mefran #
  • Wait, really? I make a fart joke and gain followers, then talk about my friend being wounded in Afghanistan and lose them? >:( #
  • That's just wrong, @Real_Hulk #
  • @meznak What's sad is when they threaten to filibuster by READING THE BILL. Aren't they supposed to be doing that anyway? in reply to meznak #
  • Hey, creditors calling (literally) every 10 minutes: stop being a dick. There's a reason I stopped answering when you call now #
  • I didn't have the money yesterday or the day before. 10 minutes won't make it magically appear in the bank, so STOP HARASSING ME! #
  • @Mefran @wilw Make that (at least) three of us in reply to Mefran #
  • OMG the banter between @wilw and @sheldoncooper is epic. Wesley vs. Moonpie FTW #
  • My friend is improving, but still not out of the woods yet. Will be returning home to the US for further treatment soon. #
  • Was informed that @SheldonCooper is now following me on Twitter. I feel special now. #
  • @danmcguff RT @abc7 Eddie Fisher, 50s crooner and one-time husband of Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds dies at 82. in reply to danmcguff #
  • @aprilhebert @apizzagirl I was prescribed Fiorinal for mine. Knocks me out, and when I wake up the migraine's gone lol in reply to aprilhebert #
  • Excellent!! (Air guitar) RT @scifigeeks: Bill and Ted are back for a Third Movie! #
  • @WizardWorld Imagination doesn't have a special effects budget in reply to WizardWorld #
  • W00t! New best distance on lap swim. Swam 650yds today! #fb #
  • One thing that sucks is my eyes are always blurry from the pool chemicals for hours after swimming, but I can afford to buy goggles now #
  • Vision's still a little blurry, but I'm ready to kick some supervillain booty on @champsonline #

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