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The Protectorate

An ongoing book series, originally published as comic books and novellas.

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    When the Protectorate was founded, Pyre just wanted as normal a life as possible for a kid with superpowers. Instead, he found himself with even more responsibility than ever.

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    Donner und Blitzkrieg

    The world’s first superheroes, Nucleus and Strongman, emerge in the aftermath of the Korean War. Meanwhile, the first supervillain, Donner, the son of Nazi war criminals, seeks to create a new Reich, with superhumans as the new master race!

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    Aiming High in the Air Force cover

    Aiming High in the Air Force

    Jeffrey Harlan enlisted a few months after the September 11 attacks. At 24, he was the oldest enlistee in his basic training flight. From the trials of basic training to infighting within the ranks, he looks back at the events of his six years in the military with pride, amusement and, at times, chagrin.

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