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The Protectorate

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When the Protectorate was founded, Pyre just wanted as normal a life as possible for a kid with superpowers. Instead, he found himself with even more responsibility than ever.

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#3: Exposed

The word is out, and the Saurian Invasion begins. How can the Protectorate, a team of young superheroes led by Pyre, protect the entire world?

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#2: The Coming Storm

Following the events of Revelations, the team begins undergoing extensive training from none other than Strongman, one of the first heroes. As they learn how to work together as a team, they must also face Weathercaster, who threatens the city with destruction, and the return of Siphon, who attacked Versipellis. And if that wasn’t enough, Tempora’s warnings about the future begin to come to pass!

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#1: Revelations

In a world where superhumans have existed since the 1950s, superheroes are nevertheless uncommon. A new team of young heroes has formed, but they soon find they are in over their heads and facing off against forces they could not have imagined!

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#4: Exposed

An encounter with Siphon leads to world-changing revelations.

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The Protectorate #3 Cover

#3: The Coming Storm

While the team undergoes intense training from one of the first super heroes, the city is attacked by a villain who can control the weather. Meanwhile, Plasmid faces a court martial for his actions in issue 1, which will change his life forever.

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Cover of The Protectorate #2

#2: Revelations

As the team reels from a tragic loss, Pyre is given a glimpse of what is to come from the mysterious Tempora, while a new villain attacks Versipellis at his school.

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#1: Neophytes

Superhumans have existed for decades, but with a draft of powered individuals, super heroes are rare. Exploiting a loophole in that law, the Protectorate is formed, just in time to save the world! The team’s debut is interrupted when they are attacked by another superhuman.

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