Photo of Jeffrey Harlan

Jeffrey Harlan was born to a military family at March Air Force Base, California. He lives in the San Bernardino Mountains with his wife, a dog, and two cats. He’s lived in seven states and three countries, both as a military brat and as an airman, where he attended six elementary schools and two high schools, and his family is similarly scattered around the globe. Jeffrey has earned degrees in journalism, emergency management, and history, and has worn many hats over the years, including newspaper editor, emergency manager, Air Force veteran, instructional assistant for special education, and security guard. He deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003, then returned to the Middle East in 2006 for a posting at Incirlik Air Base, Turkey, prior to the end of his enlistment.

The first Eagle Scout in his family, Jeffrey’s first taste of writing was becoming a finalist in the Young Writers Conference for the Department of Defense Dependents Schools in Europe. He began creating dozens of original superhero characters not long thereafter, which he eventually self-published as the comic series The Protectorate. Realizing that he enjoyed writing comics far more than drawing them, he decided to make superhero novels instead, beginning with Donner und Blitzkrieg, then turning The Protectorate into an ongoing series of novellas.

When not writing, Jeffrey also enjoys video and tabletop gaming, comics, science fiction, and computers. A huge Trekkie, Jeffrey also maintains Trekipedia, a Star Trek encyclopedia web site that he created in 1998.

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