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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-18

  • Wow. Just… wow. RT @blambot Uhhhh… This was a comic? #
  • @walshcaitlin Possibly because there's a scene where the characters switch to English… dubbing could make that confusing in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Some dude just pulled up to the door at Dice House blasting a techno version of "Hava Nagila" in his car, and asked "Do you sell dice?" #
  • So much work to do for school this weekend… got a test on Tues and a book review due on Wed, plus assorted homework for all 4 classes #
  • Watching the last episode of the BBC series Jekyll on Netflix. Love how they built up a badass mercenary, only for Hyde to kill him in >1sec #
  • @wilw It wouldn't be unprecedented… she got trapped inside one at the start of New Super Mario Bros in reply to wilw #
  • Had a rough morning, but it got better once I got to @CSUF and met w/ Veterans Services: looks like I'll have my GI Bill money soon! #
  • @A_Peabody They never do in reply to A_Peabody #
  • if $know_me_by_now="no" { echo "Never never never know me"; } /* Thanks for the meme @wilw, that's the only if-then song I could think of */ #
  • if $want_to_destroy_my_sweater="yes" { pull="thread"; do="walk away"; } /* How could I forget this one? Thanks again @wilw */ #
  • @fearofcode Well, @wilw is the only person I follow from whom I've seen the songs-as-code, so it is to him I bow down in reply to fearofcode #
  • @foebea it's just some random crap based on PHP. I was going for clarity, not actual honest-to-god code in reply to foebea #
  • @threechordme Huh. It's been a while since I heard the song, but I could've sworn it was "pull." #themoreyouknow in reply to threechordme #
  • Wow. Note to self: if you ever want to get something noticed, get it RT'd by @wilw. I've never had that many @ replies at once before. Ever. #
  • LOL Thanks @brandon_wirtz #
  • I'm not a coder, but I play one on the Internet… and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express once. #
  • Holy schnikes, I'm on the Leaderboard! Thanks for the favs & RTs everyone! #
  • Ugh. Late. Tired. Busy day, swam another half-mile today. Must… sleep. Brain… ceasing to function. Becoming… zombie. Mmm, brains… #
  • @strredwolf @wilw Except that was PHP, not Perl in reply to strredwolf #
  • Had I realized my song code would be viewed by thousands, I might've spent more time bug checking lol. Then again, I only dabble in PHP #
  • Had to read an article for History class called "Outlaw Gangs and Social Bandits." For a min I thought it was about a 19th century Twitter #
  • I agree RT @A_Peabody: I am 100% against those who claim to be Patriots with a capital P, but want to take scissors to the Constitution. #
  • Guy on the radio last night asked, in all seriousness, if Halo: Reach was going to be avalable on the Wii. I LOL'd. #
  • Considering everything else they've done lately, I'm shocked Hollywood hasn't attempted a remake of CHiPs yet #
  • @normanlao Why rreplace him? Do it as a continuattion, and make Ponch the Captain. I'm sure Erik Estrada could use the work in reply to normanlao #
  • @cordy74 Yes, but it's so horrible it's awesome. in reply to cordy74 #
  • I don't mind if we disagree on something, but when you can't get basic facts right, your argument begins to #fail #politicalscienceclassmate #
  • To clarify: The US military has ~1.5mil. It's not the biggest, nor would it still be after cutting it in 1/2. #politicalscienceclassmate #
  • There's a country out there that has nearly 3mil in its military. Perhaps you've heard of it; it's called China. #politicalscienceclassmate #
  • Your argument on US foreign policy may have merit, but getting facts so blatantly wrong doesn't help credibility. #politicalscienceclassmate #
  • Sorry, had to vent. Back to my regularly-scheduled attempts at humor and updates on my life. #
  • I've been trying to keep politics out of my Twitter stream since I all but ingested my foot a few months ago, but I had to get that out. #
  • @MrShimasaki Class got out early in reply to MrShimasaki #
  • Swam another 600yds tonight. Can't swim tomorrow 'cause of my class schedule, but hoping to improve my distance on Thurs. #fb #
  • @QsPeach you're welcome in reply to QsPeach #
  • God I hope not RT @goodgaming: Is This How We'll Play PS2 Games On A PS3? [Ps2] #gaming #
  • Fascinating reading on debate among Muslim scholars re: religion & science in late 19th/early 20th centuries. #
  • Nearly finished with the reading, and once that's done I need to write up a paper on it that's due, oh… tomorrow. No stress or anything. #
  • @normanlao They're remaking everything, even Quantum Leap. Hence my surprise that CHiPs remains, as yet, untouched in reply to normanlao #
  • Wow, really? I lost 9 followers after this tweet: (data from #
  • I suppose I should use this time on the bus to school to study for tomorrow's test, but I'm just a little burned out at the moment. #fb #
  • Aren't, like, they all, like, y'know, like that? RT @wilw: According to this very loud girl, she is , like, a lot of things, you know? #
  • One of my classmates lives near me & gave me a ride home; I stepped into my room & realized I'd still be at the bus stop otherwise #fb #
  • Going through my email. So glad to know I'm in the "Cir~cle of Tr|ust" #
  • I saw an email was from "Sheldon …" and secretly hoped it was from @SheldonCooper. Alas, it was spam from "Sheldon Frezzo" #
  • @apizzagirl w00t! Same here, just gotta wait 'til I've got the $ to spend on it in reply to apizzagirl #
  • Tomorrow marks the 223rd anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution, and I'm #proudtobeanamerican #
  • #Ohhhhyeahhhh RT @chrisvstwilight: And suddenly this book has become Ferris Bella's Day Off. #BowBow #ChickChickaChickahhhhh #
  • @strredwolf @wilw Dammit, Jim, I'm a History major, not a programmer! LOL Thanks for pointing that out. #thingstoremember #themoreyouknow in reply to strredwolf #
  • Noooooo!! #DarthVader RT @goodgaming: Court Ruling Could Mean the End of Used Game Sales #gaming #
  • Yes, agreed. RT @ComfortAndAdam: Xander from Buffy is totally a young Bruce Campbell. Totally. #
  • Just saw on CNN TV ticker: "160 deadly cobras escape in China." Is there another kind? And will the Chinese allow GI Joe into the country? #
  • Now the CNN headline is "Cobras overrun Chinese village." They fight for freedom, wherever there's trouble: GI Joe is the-e-ere! #
  • @normanlao But he does have some very Campbell-esque qualities, doesn't he? in reply to normanlao #
  • W00t! My #GIBill book stipend is showing as a pending credit for Monday! My BAH check can't be far behind! #
  • A Guide To NSFW Content Online (Ranging from SFW to NSFW4: Cannot Ever Un-See) #
  • Just realized what I've been craving all week. My bacon intake has been near-nonexistent. Once I've got $, I'm getting a 50/50 at Slaters #
  • @amymarie122 No, I'm in my 3rd year now, but just transferred from a community college to a 4-year university in reply to amymarie122 #
  • It's great that @steam_games shows I've had Champions Online open for the last 2.5hrs, but I've been patching, not playing, all that time… #
  • @EmperorOfNerds You might want to see a doctor about that in reply to EmperorOfNerds #
  • "it's pretty clear that military scientists just really want to name stuff after Batman, and that is awesome." @theisb via @comicsalliance #
  • @EmperorOfNerds That would go well with my Munchkin Chibithulus in reply to EmperorOfNerds #
  • @SushieShuakhwe On a military base, that's right about the same time as a unit gets home after a tour overseas in reply to SushieShuakhwe #
  • Holy crap, 3 hours later, I only have 3MB left to download on this patch #

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