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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-11

  • Downloaded the Pandora app on my Crackberry… Bus rides to/from school will be less boring now lol #
  • Need to hit the grocery store, the school library, and head back to @SoCal_Smackdown… so much to do, so little time… #
  • Bus is here at last. Off to the library at @csuf so I can study for an hour or two, then off to @SoCal_Smackdown to get my game on #fb #
  • Am I alone in finding people who hold loud cell phone conversations on the bus profoundly irritating? "Naw, I ain't like dat. Naw. Jealous." #
  • @Quarksbartender I was always partial to the red one in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • @DantesSTO Slightly less so, but a public bus is not the appropriate venue for a loud phone conversation in reply to DantesSTO #
  • Very productive trip to the library. Only has 2 of the (12) textbooks I need this semester, but it's better than nothing. #
  • Hey @alyankovic, do you? RT @goodgaming: Weird Al would approve. #gaming #
  • @aprilhebert I figured that out 19 years ago in reply to aprilhebert #
  • Did you know? In 1893, a Constitutional amendment was proposed (& rejected) to change the U.S.A.'s name to the U.S. of the Earth. #fb #
  • "In free countries, every man is entitled to express his opinions and every other man is entitled not to listen." -G. Norman Collie #
  • "Too many people expect wonders from democracy, when the most wonderful thing of all is just having it." -Walter Winchell #
  • Tragic RT @goodgaming: Company of Heroes Online lead game designer killed saving his wife and unborn baby #gaming #
  • Student dictionaries at work define comic books as "small books for children, with pictures to tell a story." Um, they'r not JUST for kids #
  • Most comics today are geared toward teens and young adults. The idea that they're "just for kids" shouldn't tick me off, but it does #
  • People who want to burn a Koran, saying it's an anti-Bible & that Islam is "evil" are only showing their own ignorance. #
  • Islam came from Judaism just like Christianity, but about 650yrs later. What Christians call the Old Testament is shared by all three. #
  • Muslims, Christians and Jews share the same spiritual roots. We have more in common than not. All three worship the God of Abraham #
  • Y'know, Clint Eastwood would kick some serious booty as a grizzled old Bruce Wayne in a Batman Beyond movie. #
  • Swimming after class again today. 12 laps (600 yds) this time – nearly double what I swam last time. Not as much muscle fatigue either #fb #
  • Glad I've got leftovers in the fridge, 'cause I'm too tired to make anything once I get home. Long day, & swimming really took it out of me #
  • That & light pollution RT @KFINEWS: Clouds may prevent SoCal's view of two asteroids expected to pass near Earth #
  • @A_Peabody I talk to them sometimes when I'm at the bus stop. Met one last year who was a Vietnam vet and we traded war stories. in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Surprised LA isn't #1 RT @TIME: The world's deadliest cities for pedestrians | #
  • @walshcaitlin I bought a new Bible a few months ago and saw one like that. Don't remember what it was called though in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @walshcaitlin I got the faux-leather New American Bible; it was relatively small yet attractive. My old Bible was ginormous in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @walshcaitlin This was actually the first one I bought on my own. My other Bible was a gift when I was a teenager in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Leaving for class again shortly. Once more unto the breach, dear friends. #
  • @gadgetdoll W00t! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!1! in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • Suh-weet RT @Mefran: Holy moly: tractor beams are now a real, existing thing via @dvice #
  • Another long day down… Starting to get a handle on my schedule this semester. It's a little rough, but worth it. #
  • Always something new when I ride the bus; tonight, a guy who reeked of cigarettes so bad I could smell him 3 seats away… #
  • …And entertainment from the guy begging for beer money from the other passengers. #
  • Not sure if he assumed that I didn't understand Spanish or if it was the headphones, but he left me alone. #
  • Heck yeah; while walking home from the bus stop, zoned out to Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Cars, The Beatles, and Billy Idol… #
  • Thank you, Mike Myers. Nearly 20 years later, and Bohemian Rhapsody is still indelibly linked to Wayne's World in my memory. #
  • It's amazing what a difference a little bouillon makes when you add it to the rice when you're making it lol #
  • Dreamt bees were falling from the sky like a hailstorm. I'm allergic and my epinephrine injector expired. Probably not a coincidence #fb #
  • Was stuck at the crosswalk & missed the bus. Gonna be late for class now… #
  • @walshcaitlin Would that Vulcan zombie be of the undead or Trellium-D variety? in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Strongly considering wearing my @StarTrek costume for Halloween this year; haven't worn it since 2006, and I finally have the right boots #
  • As if missing the bus by mere seconds wasn't bad enough, the next bus was about to get me to school on time… until the train showed up #
  • Ugh. This bus driver's driving faster than usual, which is causing the bus to bounce on every freakin' bump and it's making me carsick #
  • The abrupt stops due to the high speed are causing me to lurch about a foot forward, then snap back every time, too #
  • For a hint on how fast this guy's driving, it's normally 1 hr to go between school and home. I've been on the bus 15mins & I'm nearly home #
  • That bus driver was going recklessly fast, considering the size of a bus, how long something that big takes to stop, and oh yeah… #
  • …Passengers on a bus don't have any seat belts to deal with moving at those kinds of velocities! #
  • Tomorrow is the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. This is my story: Where were you? #fb #
  • @A_Peabody He keeps changing his story in what's become an obvious ploy to get as much attention as possible in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @walshcaitlin Not to mention the issues of national security. This could inflame anti-US sentiment & be a terrorist recruiting tool in reply to walshcaitlin #

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