Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-04

  • WTF? Power's gone out twice in the last 30 minutes… About 45 seconds the 1st time, 5 mins and still not back yet the 2nd #
  • Back to work tomorrow morning… Life's about to get a whole lot busier. #
  • Seems someone thought it was hot today… #
  • Considering how long it's been since I last did lap swimming, 350yds is pretty good. Ow, but it's a good ow. #fb #
  • @def_leppard I've always been partial to Desert Song, Hysteria, Rocket, Two Steps Behind, but I like 'em all #
  • "More Southern California than self-congratulatory award shows." Oh, how true. Keep 'em coming, @KFIAM640 #
  • Magic words on a college campus… This sign caused a mini stampede. #fb #
  • I've been getting texts from someone named Christina who thinks I was lying when I told her this isn't Stephanie's phone. #fb #
  • Finally got through to Christina (who, apparently, is Paloma's friend, and is "Searchin 4 a new man ha!"):
    "Dam u serious?"
    "K" #
  • Even when I text and tweet, spelling is important to me… it kills me when I see English butchered like I've seen over the past hour #
  • Brevity and proper grammar/spelling/punctuation are not mutually exclusive #
  • @Syfy Millennium was part of the X-Files universe too, and arguably Strange Luck, too in reply to Syfy #
  • @teamcovenant Hey, I'm volunteering at SoCal Smackdown. See you when you get here! in reply to teamcovenant #

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