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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-28

  • Watching the "COPS" parody episode of X-Files. OMG this is frickin' hilarious. #
  • Ugh. Nothing I hate more than discovering the milk has gone bad before the sell-by date yet again. This fridge sucks. #
  • Oh… my… RT @blambot My RPG dice collection. About 10 lbs. The cylinder is 20" tall & 4.5" around. #dice #geek #
  • @apizzagirl Surprised it took you so long to come to that decision… in reply to apizzagirl #
  • Been watching Season 5 of Stargate Atlantis today… interesting how many Stargate actors were also on Sanctuary #
  • It's comparable even to the Star Trek actors appearing on Stargate #
  • I have to say, though, SGA season 5 did a hell of a lot for Woolsey's character #
  • @Quarksbartender don't forget the extra-huge smile with that :)) in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • When in doubt, invert the polarity #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • "Second star to the right, and straight on 'til morning" is a valid course heading #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Deep down, everyone's a Ferengi #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Starship captains are like children, they want everything right now and they want it their way #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Having is not always so pleasant a thing as wanting; it is not logical but is very often true #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Aliens really did crash at Roswell. Their names were Quark, Rom, and Nog. #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Velcro was invented by Vulcans. #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Brain and brain! What is brain?! #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • At least Wesley didn't need to go to the holodeck to get dates #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • Spock is a zombie #thingsstartrektaughtme #
  • @TheUniques Whatever you do, don't use "Braveheart" as a source… movie was completely inaccurate in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques Yeah: no kilts back then, Rob't Bruce didn't betray Scots, the queen in the film was a toddler then & Wallace was a teenager…. in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques Wallace fought 2 yrs before caught & killed, but Bruce fought for decades after, wasn't crowned until 13 yrs after Wallace died in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques And his "betrayal" in the movie? He stopped fighting for a few years because the Brits were holding his daughter hostage in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques Not saying Rob't Bruce was a saint, but the movie was like a character assassination piece. Demonized him for no good reason in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques aaand… as you may have guessed, I did a bit of research on Rob't Bruce after I found out he's my ancestor in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques An excellent resource for research on Wallace & Bruce is "Scotland: The Story of a Nation" by Magnus Magnusson in reply to TheUniques #
  • @TheUniques No prob. I picked it up when I was researching my family tree – 1 chapter each on wallace & bruce, then on bruce's descendants in reply to TheUniques #
  • Trekipedia just got nearly 900 unique visitors today… the highest single-day number was previously 175. Wonder where the hits came from. #
  • Scratch that. It's up to 937 now and climbing. Where are the hits coming from, and is this just a one-day blip, or a sign of things to come? #
  • Just passed 1000… #
  • Looks like one IP address is causing nearly all this traffic… looks like somebody in Canada is using a site-ripper on my site… #
  • Somebody with a Canadian IP was ripping my site; each page in <10 seconds. Ate up ~2GB bandwidth in less than an hour. Blocked the IP #
  • To the perpetrator of the douchebaggery on my web site this afternoon, you need to learn @wilw (Wheaton)'s Law: Don't be a dick. #
  • Trekipedia: Site ripping #startrek #
  • Ugh. Trying to pull up the WAVE site to check on my GI Bill and OpenDNS says the site's nameservers are down #
  • Finally got the site up… only to learn they still have no information for me. #
  • Ok, the Inspector Gadget theme song slowed down 8x just sounds creepy #
  • My first class at @CSUF starts tomorrow afternoon… Taken me a long time to get here, and I'm looking forward to it. #fb #
  • "You got the Shroud of Turin in there?" "No, but we have the bathrobe of St. Peter." "Are you're joking?!" "Yes, I am." #
  • Yes, I'm watching X-Files again. #
  • And now I'm on the season 7 finale… #
  • And, at long last, they're addressing Mulder's expense reports… lol #
  • Some dude just absolutely destroyed the bathroom at the laundrymat, then propped the door open… #
  • Thank God there's only 2 mins left on the dryer… getting light-headed from the stench; the bathroom's right next to the dryer I'm using #
  • Oh, man, it's worse than I thought. Cleaning lady went in, RAN out, and got her mop… #
  • I really wish Sony had left PS2 compatibility in the PS3s. Even software emulation would've been better than nothing #
  • Of COURSE the bus comes 5 mins early when I'm waiting on the walk signal across the street, then leaves before the light changes #
  • @BadAstronomer I'll have to ask Chewbacca to verify its authenticity :p in reply to BadAstronomer #
  • Interesting news RT @CBR: SPINOFF: "Young Justice" Is In DC Continuity #
  • Planning a separate acct for your comics side? #
  • @ChaseMasterson Why do you think I gave up on working in the news business? in reply to ChaseMasterson #
  • Yep, feeling it at the bus stop RT @KFINEWS: Below average temperatures have been replaced by record breaking heat. #
  • Is it safe? RT @walshcaitlin: I am thankful I get along with my dentist so well. #
  • @ComfortAndAdam Planning a separate acct for your comics side? #
  • Oh, wow… this classroom has a *chalkboard!* Haven't seen one of those in ages… #
  • @FakeAPStylebook Yes, but Wakanda should be in reply to FakeAPStylebook #
  • @gadgetdoll I was sitting by you at work? in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • First day of class at @csuf went well. More classes tomorrow evening. Heading to Dice House, then home. #fb #
  • Finally home… with ginormous blisters on my heels…. as soon as my GI Bill money hits, I'm buying new shoes. Oh, and… ouch. #fb #
  • Talked to a grad student today about 1940s & '50s pop culture, & comics in particular; said I should go for a Master's & do my thesis on it #
  • Second time somebody's told me that. Been giving it some serious thought, too #
  • Discovered the show Dead Like Me on Netflix… good stuff. Concept is bizarre yet awesome #
  • off to school once again in about 30 minutes… tonight's classes: History of Islamic Thought and Adolescent Pregnancy & Parenting #
  • Classes today were pretty interesting. Looks like I'll have a lot of work, but it'll be enjoyable. #
  • One advantage to night classes: I may not get back until 11pm but at least it's not 100 degrees out for the walk home #
  • This is what happens when you announce "free food" on campus. Probably 300 people in line ahead of me. #
  • As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This, in fact, was free. #
  • @A_Peabody When I was stationed in Turkey, every time I checked my Yahoo mail I got green card scam ads in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Despite my general dislike of Apple, I'm seriously considering an iPad after using my netbook to read a PDF scan of one of my textbooks #
  • @afoolishwit I wouldn't mind seeing a decently-made movie about vampires in a world full of zombies, and what they have to do to survive lol in reply to afoolishwit #
  • Saw Iron Man 2 at the campus theater this evening, and won a poster of the Mark V suitcase armor in a raffle after the movie #fb #
  • Enjoyed class, had a beer with some new friends, went bowling, watched a movie, won a poster… You know, today was a pretty good day #
  • I just realized… 8 years ago today, I was starting my second week of basic training at Lackland AFB in San Antonio, Texas #fb #

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