Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-24

  • Finished clearing out, cleaning the old place last night. Feels good to not have to worry about that anymore. #fb #
  • @MethosTweet Yeah I picked up season 2 the other day; I have the DVD/HD-DVD combo set for seas 1 but I'll get the Blu of that eventually in reply to MethosTweet #
  • Got my geog test back. 88% Not bad, but I'd hoped for better. #fb #
  • Bio lab midterm practical in t-minus 2 hrs… #fb #
  • Bio midterm's done. Possible A but more likely B. A few questions left me scratching/banging my head. #fb #
  • It's too bad I can't use duct tape on my students. It would solve the talking problem nicely. #fb #
  • Oh the things these kids say sometimes: "Can I go to the nurse? My armpit has a giant pimple." #fb #
  • Nooooooo! RT: @mashable Hulu May Start Charging for Content in 2010 – #
  • LOL RT: @wilw I mean the Los Angeles Angels of We're Not From Los Angeles Or Even In Los Angeles County But We Want To Fake It of Anaheim #
  • RT: @Syfy I'm giving away a very rare Battlestar Galactica sling bag to a random person who RTs this note by noon ET 10/26. #

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