Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-17

  • Nearly all of my stuff is packed. Bed's disassembled. Shelves ready to go. Getting the U-Haul in 2 hrs. Might break for lunch now. #fb #
  • Got most of my stuff moved to the new place. Winston was amazed at how fast I unpacked. Not like I don't have a lot of experience moving #fb #
  • Still got a lot of work ahead of me before this move is over but it's going great so far. #
  • got a blackberry today. Running a Monsterpocalypse tournament for Darren right now. #fb #
  • #ohatdl CM on tram "for the NASCAR fans on the tram you're about to get the full experience as we turn left" #
  • #ohatdl CM on tram "for those of you returning to Disneyland tomorrow… me too" #
  • Good Lord that is sick and twisted RT @weirdnews Girl Kills Unhappy Parents And Cuts Them Into Pieces #fb #
  • Went to the old place last night to get some of the stuff that didn't make the first trip… not even gone 36hrs & my food was pilfered #fb #
  • Nice! I'm looking forward to getting this RT @TrekToday News: Paramount Home Entertainment Demos Blu-ray release #fb #
  • Glad I got my new system last night then. RT @USATODAY Analysts say computer prices have hit rock bottom. #fb #
  • Must be a slow news day if the top stories are that it rained in SoCal and Ahnuld's wife was on her phone while driving… #fb #
  • Why is it that when there's even the slightest moisture on the ground, Californians forget how to drive? #fb #
  • Two girls at work think I'll be scandalized because they found my web site. If I didn't want it seen, I wouldn't put it online. #fb #
  • On today's agenda: work, move what's left of my stuff out of the old place, try to find a bigger DVD rack that doesn't look like crap. #fb #
  • Why is he climbing the mountain? RT @Courage10: Ima let you finish, but Kirk has 1 of the best remixes! #
  • RT @noretreat Avg Wisconsinite walks 900 miles a year. Avg wis drinks 22 gallons of beer. Thus Wisconsinites get 41 miles to the gallon. #fb #
  • Un-frakkin-believable RT: @mashable Balloon Boy a Hoax? Falcon Heene Tells CNN: “We Did This For the Show” [Video] #fb #
  • It's a miracle the baby's still alive RT: @mashable Amazing Video: Baby Survives Being Hit By a Train – #fb #
  • Clearing out the last of my stuff from my old place. Can hear Pedro's kid screaming (as usual) halfway down the street. SO glad I moved. #fb #
  • #weirdnews RT @OCReggie 75-year-old Fullerton woman gets jail time for running over, killing 89-year-old pedestrian #
  • Oh Lord help me. Pedro's wife is watching telenovelas (w sound jacked WAY up). Even w Spanish as bad as mine I can tell they're BAD. #fb #
  • #weirdnews RT @LATimes Dead man slumped on Marina del Rey balcony mistaken for Halloween decoration RT @latimeslocal #
  • And now she's watching what's apparently Mexican Idol… Just a few more boxes to load up and I'm out of here permanently. Thank God. #fb #

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