Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-10-31

  • BluRay of all 10 Star Trek movies out so far arrived in today's mail. Trek 11 comes out in a couple weeks… #fb #
  • @super_spock I've been watching Angel on DVD. Never saw seasons 2-4 when they aired; just started season 3 tonight in reply to super_spock #
  • W00t! RT: @goodgaming Netflix officially coming to the PS3 #gaming #
  • Guess I was tired. Went to take a nap for an hour before class, woke up 14 hours later. #fb #
  • I have to wonder sometimes… One of the kids at work just asked me, "Mr. Harlan, what's your name?" #fb #
  • W00t! RT: @alyankovic Oh yeah. NEW ALBUM OUT TODAY. #
  • Whoops. Forgot the prof canceled class today. Got another hour to kill until my next class. #fb #
  • @akaDebbieDowner I get random followers all the time. Sometimes it's real people, sometimes its bots. in reply to akaDebbieDowner #
  • Hope the weather's better today RT @NASA Stick with us! Ares I-X launch now set for 11:08 a.m. EDT due to weather constraints. #
  • Word of the day: RT @NASA triboelectrification=static from flying through high-level clouds; interferes w radio signals sent by/to a rocket #
  • Launch delayed again RT @NASA Bottom of the hour. Watch a rocket launch. Ares I-X at 11:30 a.m. EDT. #
  • W00t! RT @NASA Countdown has resumed for Ares I-X launch! Less than four minutes to go. #
  • Um, oops. lol RT @OCReggie Porn phone number accidentally printed on school shirts ^JC #
  • W00t! RT @NASA Ares I-X has launched!!! #fb #
  • 'Bout damn time RT @leoshane VA hires contractor to help w/ backlog of #GIBill claims. #fb #
  • 29 Oct already?! What happened to the year? #fb #
  • Heading out to buy a handgun; I've been wanting one for a while. Then kicking off my annual Zombie Movie Marathon when I get home. #fb #
  • @wilw It's Fronk-en-SHTEEN! in reply to wilw #

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