Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-29

  • I took some photos while I was at Disneyland this evening… #
  • Guy in line for Space Mountain: "I mean, like, ouch, like, but, like, y'know, like, I mean, like…" #ohatdl #
  • Trekipedia: Rura Penthe #
  • @TheInsaneRobin Problem is, some people can't, on either count. in reply to TheInsaneRobin #
  • @theisb POUCHES!! in reply to theisb #
  • @meznak that's rather amusing in reply to meznak #
  • Got bitched at by 2 ppl on another social media site for putting MVL movies into 1 timeline, ignoring Spidey trilogy in favor of ASM. Srsly? #
  • Heaven forbid I should imagine that the X-Men, FF, Spidey & Avengers in the films could coexist, despite studio conflicts. #
  • @thinkgeek Great Googa-Mooga! in reply to thinkgeek #
  • Noooooo!!!! LA Times: "Bacon, pork shortage 'now unavoidable'" #
  • For those looking to stock up before the coming bacon shortage (aka the Baconocalypse) #
  • I think we really need to spread the word. #Baconocalypse #
  • In what universe do the politics of a fictional character even matter? I really don't give a damn what party Homer Simpson would vote for. #
  • The only characters whose politics I'd care about are the ones that I write about, and then only insofar as it helps with writing the story #
  • (The preceding rant brought to you courtesy of an article on about Homer Simpson's voting habits) #
  • I'm thinking perhaps it's a good thing for my cardiac health that I'm not much of a sportsball fan right now. #
  • So… my copy of The Avengers on BluRay arrived in today's mail… 😀 #
  • Played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • @Jenocidal_ I'm not dead yet! in reply to Jenocidal_ #
  • @Jenocidal_ @dunebat Followed closely by doing so via Facebook message in reply to Jenocidal_ #

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