Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-08-27

  • played Star Trek Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • @daytonward Naturally, somebody swiped some cutlery while they were at the Academy dining hall, as memento of their time there… in reply to daytonward #
  • @daytonward Or, perhaps an enterprising (heh) Ferengi set up a curio shop just off campus, hawking anything & everything with "SFA" on it… in reply to daytonward #
  • @scifigeeks As opposed to the other (apparently straight-to-DVD) subtitled sequel/remakes of years past? in reply to scifigeeks #
  • Back to school today, back to work at the high school on Wednesday… meeting with the History department tomorrow… graduating in May… #
  • CSUF Student Financial Services: 26 hours notice and you still can't print up a simple check? The Ball. You have dropped it. #
  • I unlocked 2 PSN trophies on LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean! #
  • @pollaklibrary and I just found another 9 today. I'm surprised that it seems so few of my classmates bother to check the library first. in reply to pollaklibrary #
  • Day 1 back at work at the high school, aka day 3 back at college, is complete… Lots of changes this semester, hopefully for the better. #
  • I gave @pollaklibrary +K about libraries on @klout #
  • Ugh. Gotta be at my second job in 20 minutes, and I'm starting to doze off while finishing my lunch… not good. #

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