Going to try to blog more

I’ve got this blog, see, and you know what? I almost don’t even use it. It spends more time archiving my tweets every Saturday than actually conveying my thoughts. And that’s just not right.

I like to write, and the thing with writing is: it takes practice to be any good at it. I need to practice more. Sure, I write copy for the web sites I work on at Cal State Fullerton sometimes, and I work on my scripts to my comics pretty regularly (now if only I could sit my butt down and actually finish drawing them… but I digress), but one thing I’d really like to do is finish writing that autobiography I started last year. I got a couple chapters in on the first draft, and even had the whole thing planned out, but I just kind of… dropped it. I’ve still got the files, and the handwritten notes.

I want to finish that thing. When it’s finished, I plan to release it through the Kindle store, and possibly other outlets as well. I even have a title for it already: “Confessions of a Military Brat.” The first draft so far hasn’t been high on introspection yet, but that’s part of the notes I was talking about (“OK, you rented a hammer and chisel in Berlin for 15 minutes in 1989. Why should somebody care? What do you have to bring to the table that’s new on that subject?” etc.) When the whole thing’s finished, I think it will be something that people might actually be interested in reading.

To kill two birds with one stone, I think I might post some of the anecdotes-in-progress here on the blog as I work on them. Give something to read to the people who haven’t completely given up and still check out this blog to see if there’s anything I have to say something besides a week’s worth of tweets. Maybe bring in some new readers. Who knows? It might even become a little popular (I can hope, right?). Even if the book never sees the light of day, maybe just getting it all out here on the blog would be enough.

Here’s to this site’s reboot.

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