Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-10

  • No, @gimliaxewielder and @MrShimasaki I'm not dead, just out with some friends. And I forgot my phone was on silent. #
  • Appropriately, @Syfy is showing a marathon of Greatest American Hero today. #fb #
  • Working on Trekipedia again today. Got three more sections and 40 more entries so far. Expect a nice update note this evening. 😀 #startrek #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 4 July 2010 #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 5 July 2010 #
  • I'm thinking of redesigning Trekipedia, but I think I'll concentrate on adding more content for now #
  • I tried Twitter for Blackberry, but I still like UberTwitter more. Mostly because it keeps my place when new tweets come in. #
  • I also like the fact that I can choose which image sharing service I want to use on UberTwitter; the official app locks me into a single one #
  • @scifigeeks So does this mean we'll have a channel called SciFi that actually plays science fiction? The last one stopped #2 long before #1 in reply to scifigeeks #
  • Lindsay Lohan getting jail time has dominated my twitter news feed… People give a shit about this? Really? #fb #
  • Niiice. LOL RT @thinkgeek: Khaaaan! The Musical is coming to Khansas City 7/27-8/1! None can escape his wrath: #fb #
  • @danmcguff been like that here for 2 days now in reply to danmcguff #
  • I must be in the Mirror Universe. That or New England and Southern California switched climates for the summer and nobody told me. #
  • @Mefran Me either in reply to Mefran #
  • Ah, Twitter. I knew I could count on you for "did you feel that?" Tweets before the grouund even stopped shaking. #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 7 July 2010 #
  • Kids asked to write about their life now vs 4 years ago: "I was 12. I was in juvenile hall." #fb #
  • He's the lawyer's dad? Pronoun confusion! RT @cnnbrk: Lawyer sues … LeBron James, alleging he is his father #
  • @danmcguff Lyndon Baines Johnson plays for the Cavs? in reply to danmcguff #
  • Been thinking a lot about my family lately. They represent what I think makes this country such a great place, and for different reasons #
  • My dad's family, to me, represents a tremendous dedication to selfless service, with several career military members #
  • My mom's family, in my view, represents the enormous opportunities available, with several nurses, educators, and blue-collar workers #
  • @danmcguff I figured. Just giving you a hard time because an ex-president had those initials :p in reply to danmcguff #
  • I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen any Monty Python refs re: Louisiana gov oks law allowing guns in church… #
  • "Bring out the Holy Hand Grenade!" "A reading from the book of Armaments…" #
  • "Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high saying, O Lord, bless this, Thy hand grenade… #
  • "…that with it Thou may blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy…" #
  • Apparently, because I wouldn't give a student my Dr Pepper, I'm a racist who hates Mexicans and voted for Arizona's SB1070… #
  • So I guess that means I'm a member of the Arizona Legislature? Funny, I've never lived there… #

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