Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-19

  • At Dice House. Somebody's phone started ringing w the Dr Who theme, and four guys checked their phones lol #fb #
  • Yay, my phone's back on. Forgot to pay my bill last week and it got cut off last night. Paid it this morning. #
  • I wish Nintendo would sell a kit to switch my existing Wii from white to black instead of making me buy a new one. #fb #
  • According to a student, Ozzy Osbourne talks funny because "he blazed it wrong." #
  • Talking music with one of the students. "Onyx? Isn't that, like, one of the Pokemon players?" #fb #
  • Working on Trekipedia. Check it out: #
  • OK, so Twitter's apparently back up now. #
  • So, while Twitter was down, I was working on Trekipedia, cooked a steak for dinner, and watched Day of the Triffids #
  • I'm afraid I'll lose geek points for admitting this, but I never saw Day of the Triffids before tonight. I liked it #
  • I'm disappointed that Twitter was down during the latest earthquake. Now we're deprived of hundreds of posts on sloshing pool water #
  • One of my brothers is getting commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Air Force tomorrow, then married on Saturday. #
  • Hey #STO your message about downtime? 3am on the 15th was 17 hours ago. Did you mean the 16th? #
  • Nice to see you fixed the downtime announcement, #STO #
  • My brother's commissioning ceremony just ended. Half the family's here, and most of them work on base lol #
  • Newly-minted Second Lieutenant Chris Hare, USAF #
  • Best part about going to a Flyers game: great seats all around, right up to the field #
  • Finally got the official word: I got the summer school job. #fb #
  • @Mefran You're surprised that France loses? I'm surprised they didn't surrender in the first 90 seconds in reply to Mefran #
  • Y'know, I wouldn't mind seeing some Team USA stuff for World Cup in the stores, but everywhere I see only Team Mexico… #fb #
  • Seems like 2/3 of Santa Ana is honking horns, driving at 15mph, and waving Mexican flags. Took forever to get home. I guess Mexico won. #fb #
  • @TheUniques Certainly not like the high school I work at in reply to TheUniques #
  • Oh, irony: after cursing like a sailor after #STO crashed, my fortune cookie says: "You display the wonderful traits of charm & courtesy" #
  • I'm thankful once again for the GI Bill RT @OCReggie: Cal State student fees increase 5 percent this fall. ^SB #

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