Damn bikers

So I was driving to Dice House for an afternoon of gaming when a guy on a motorcycle really pissed me off. I was merging into traffic on the freeway, and checked my rear-view mirrors. I saw a motorcycle about three or four car lengths back, but no other traffic, so I started to move into the lane to my left. Before I could even finish moving into the lane, in the space of about five seconds, the bike is zooming past me, and the guy’s flipping me off.

Say what? Just because you have the ability to go 150 miles per hour on your crotch rocket doesn’t mean you have to, nor does it mean you have the right to ignore traffic laws. If somebody four car lengths ahead of you is merging into your lane, you don’t speed up to try to race past them, and you don’t have any right to get pissed off because the laws of physics keep you from approaching warp speed before you intersect the truck that has the audacity to be on the same stretch of freeway as you.

Get over yourself, asshole, and take your own advice to “share the road.”

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