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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-02

  • RT @trekonlinegame STAR TREK ONLINE arrives Feb. 2010 – pre-order at #STOCONTEST #
  • Spent the evening with my grandparents; caught up on the last few years I've been away, then watched football with grandpa. #fb #
  • RT @muskrat_john: TSA: Department of Not Actually Closing The Barn Door After The Horse Has Bolted, But Burning Down The Barn Instead. #
  • My cousin invited me to go with him to the Badgers basketball game this afternoon; I fly to Iowa to visit my sister's family tomorrow. #fb #
  • My uncle's watching the Packers game; my aunt went shopping so she didn't have to listen to him yell at the TV. lol #
  • Wow, nosebleeds. We're a good six stories or more above the court. #
  • Packers score came up on screen during time out in Badger game, and a cheer went up in the stadium #
  • Leaving the Badger game, I seriously heard someone talking about a guy who got "redshirted." #
  • @gimliaxewielder but I bet they got the term from Trek #
  • Just finished the inks for Union of Heroes #1, page 1. Working on page 3 next; I'll get to page 2 later #
  • @dannymcguffin 50? It's 15 here… #
  • @dannymcguffin Saves my family a bundle on refrigeration though. Coolers full of drinks in the garage, don't even need ice #
  • Back to the airport in 2.5 hours. Not looking forward to new TSA headaches. Related: Terrorists, you suck. #fb #
  • Got through security at Madison ungodly fast, >20 mins. Getting some food during my 90 min wait until my flight leaves #fb #
  • Here we go. Can't leave Wisconsin without getting a beer and a brat #
  • Ugh. Just got off phone with student loan ppl. Have to make payment by 30th (not processing on 31st) but won't have cash until 31st… #
  • @dannymcguffin they're processing it as a debit, so if the funds aren't there, it won't work #
  • Plane to Chicago just pulled in. Will probably start boarding soon #
  • Just got on the plane from Chicago to Des Moines. Should be there in about 90 minutes. #
  • Electrical problem in the cockpit – flight may be delayed #
  • We're deplaning. More info to come #
  • 30 min delay. Fingers crossed #
  • Announcer: "…flight to Champagne…" Guy from my flight: "How about a cold beer instead?" #
  • We're reboarding! W00t! #
  • Pilot: "same-day service to Des Moines… I was tempted to say same-decade service, but anyway…" #
  • Now in Des Moines. The pilot hauled some major booty and made up for most of the delay #
  • @Tymethief Seconded. I don't even get pizza unless I can order online now #
  • Reading through my genealogy: "Was a LtColonel, then Major during the Revolutionary War" Major comes before LtCol so seems he got busted lol #
  • @dannymcguffin I love my PS3. Best purchase I've made all year. #
  • Flight to Dallas now leaving at 2, not 1:15. Had a 90-min layover there, so no biggie #
  • My sister's family gave me Lego Indiana Jones for Wii. Used to PS3 controls for the other Lego games, but once I adjusted it was lots of fun #
  • Oddly, I got games for them, too: Star Wars Battlefront for OP, and an SD card w Homebrew Channel and roms for NES, SNES & GBA for Stacia #
  • Boarding at 1:30, huh? That'd be easier if there were actually a plane parked at the gate… #
  • Yay, plane's here now. Hopefully the flight's not delayed much longer than it already has been #
  • On the plane. In my seat. Fingers crossed. Flight's delayed enough as it is (nearly an hour now) #
  • @gadgetdoll Butt-tweeting, are we? #
  • Irony: my phone has full service in Dallas, but no time to use it. Email will have to wait #
  • I'm on the plane for CA, waiting to take off. My 90 min layover in Dallas turned into a mad dash for the plane #
  • @dannymcguffin I use it as a BluRay/DVD player more than for gaming. Also been using the Playstation Home social networking stuff in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • NICE RT @NathanFillion: Saw a little girl touch a big bug and shout, "I conquered my fear! YES!" and calmly walk away. I was inspired. #
  • @dannymcguffin Playstation Network has a thing called Home that's like half 3D game environment, half social network and chat. in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • @dannymcguffin Basically, you have a 3D avatar and interact with other people's avatars on the network. Chat, play minigames, etc in reply to dannymcguffin #

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