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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-26

  • Just finished playing through the demo of Dante's Inferno on my PS3… Wow, that game's got some gorgeous graphics #
  • Nods to history were nice touch; started during Crusades, then jumped to Dante getting back to Europe. Took some liberties, but still cool #
  • "Huh. He must be a king." "How can you tell?" "… He's not covered in $#!+." VIVA MONTY PYTHON #
  • And this is surprising… how? RT @mashable: "Porn" Among Top Search Terms for Kids – #
  • RT @cnnbrk: Iran prison officials have been charged in the deaths of protesters, Iranian media reports. #
  • RT @theisb: I have a friend who has never seen Ghostbusters. I gave him Ghostbusters on DVD for Christmas. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. #
  • Watching Farscape on Netflix streaming. Saw the first few eps when they aired, but missed most of the series. Making up for it now #fb #
  • Maybe I should, I dunno, clean or something while my Farscape marathon is playing… #
  • LOL Something tells me the parents like Family Guy RT @OHatDL: (@jasontucker) "Griffin Peters, get over here!" #
  • Seems a mite excessive RT @weirdnews: Boston mom calls 911 over son's video game habit #
  • Holy crap my Bio grade posted and I got a B! I guess I pulled off an A on the final after all! #fb #
  • @KFINEWS It's not just my email but all of my Crackberry's Internet apps that are down. I still get texts just fine #
  • At Canter's in LA with some friends #fb #
  • Ah… Pastrami on rye… #
  • LOL! @MrShimasaki gave Winston some tin foil for his hat, a packet of Kool-Aid, and a pair of glasses colored by his daughter, Rose #
  • Winston gave me Mirror's Edge for PS3; @MrShimasaki gave me "Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks" and a 2nd not to open til Christmas #
  • LOL Got back to Orange County to discover that Winston left the Bacon Salt I gave him on the table at the restaurant! #
  • And it's about time, too, dangit RT @USATODAY: Blackberry's 8-hour e-mail outage is over #
  • It's 40 out, I'm inside, and I'm getting chilled by a draft somewhere… And I realize that in 48 hours I'll be somewhere a LOT colder #
  • Trying to figure out what to take. I'll be gone a week; don't need to take every game I own, but I'll take a few. Magic, New Super Mario… #
  • Also taking my comic so I can work on it. Pencils finished for pages 1-4 and 18 (of 22) for issue 1 (of 5). So there's plenty left to do #
  • And lots of warm clothes. I've got a box of them I haven't worn in years because it just doesn't get cold enough in California #
  • Working on the script for Union of Heroes #3 while my clothes are drying. Once that's done, off to my grandparents' house, then my dad's #
  • Crazy train for the airport departs in t-minus 2 hours… #
  • En route to the airport. While it's pretty chilly here, it's going to be a heck of a lot colder before long #fb #
  • Just finished going through security. Minimal hassle. 45 mins until my flight boards #fb #
  • One irksome moment this am had nothing to do with TSA; rather, I'm perturbed that I had to pay $20 for my single piece of luggage #
  • I'm going to have to pay that 2 more times, so they're charging me $60 on top of the $700 I already paid. Good thing I brought enough cash #
  • I'm in Wisconsin, and if you're seeing this, I can send texts to update Twitter… #fb #
  • Apparently I'm only getting texting on my phone now but it's better than nothing #
  • Dinner's done. Opening presents with the family now. #
  • FYI for anyone coming to Wisconsin: "putting on rubbers" has a totally different meaning during winter (rubber shoe covers) #
  • RT @Starfleetmom: Merry Christmas! "Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord." Luke 2:11 #
  • Glad I wasn't on that flight RT @cnnbrk Passenger sets off firecrackers on a Northwest flight as it lands in Detroit. #
  • It's now officially Christmas… A Christmas Story is playing on the TV in the Living Room #
  • LOL RT @weirdnews: Missouri troopers seize gift-wrapped pot #
  • W00t! My final grade posted, and I got another B! 3.0 GPA for the semester, 3.27 cumulative! #fb #
  • "Hey, where's the virgins?" RT @cnnbrk: Passenger on flight involved in terror incident said suspect looked "stunned." #
  • Good. Guy deserved no less RT @latimes: Update: Jet passengers overpowered would-be bomber; suspect badly injured #
  • Kid offered to give me all of his Christmas money for one of my Magic decks. I told him he can get one in stores for less than $20. LOL #fb #

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