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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-12

  • Interesting metaphor re: Egypt during the Crusades: "Cairo was like a beautiful bride with an impotent husband: waiting to be taken." #
  • Just read a site discussing the plot of the 4th Twilight book… Holy crap that woman must be doing some serious drugs #
  • Played Magic for the first time today. Enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Great, I see another expensive hobby in my future… #fb #
  • Oh so true RT @goodgaming Gaming in 1989 vs Gaming in 2009 [comic] #gaming #
  • I won an autographed Monsterpocalypse poster and a set of Mini-Chibithulus from the Gamers 4 Good charity auction at Dicehouse tonight! #fb #
  • Saw a guy slip and nearly do the splits because his shoes had no traction, it's raining, and he was walking on tile… #
  • RT @PaulRieckhoff We should all be infinitely grateful to all those that served and died on this Day of Infamy, 68 yrs ago, at Pearl Harbor #
  • W00t! Just learned that yes, I'm exempt from the History final. I've got a B average and everything's turned in #fb #
  • LOL So true RT @BadAstronomer Icicle Xmas lights in LA crack me up. It hasn't been cold enough for icicles in LA since the Pleistocene. #
  • Seconded RT @daytonward Well, it's a new week, and I still don't give a shit about Tiger Woods. #
  • Paperwork's finally finished… I can finally take my pistol home on the 17th #
  • WTF? RT @goodgaming doesn't recommend you buy a PS3 as a Holiday gift, wait until you read their reasoning. #
  • @bookworm2007 Have you tried OpenOffice? Similar interface, opens & saves MS formats, PDF export… And it's free. I've used it for years in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • Got a C on Bio lab final, as expected; need only a 38% on the lecture final to pass the class, so I'm sure I'll do fine. #fb #
  • Finishing the pencils on pg 1 of Union of Heroes #1 & watching the 1st episode of Lost season 4. Geography final tomorrow, Bio on Mon #fb #
  • Six episodes into Lost season 4… Show took a seriously mindbending turn this season and I'm digging it #
  • @Quarksbartender My first car exploded on the freeway shoulder 90 mins after I bought it. Engine fire hit the fuel tank – BOOM in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • This is tweet #999 and I still haven't figured out what I'll say for #1000… But I know I'll use to say it! #
  • jIH 'oH geek je DaH jIH ghaj SaD jaH Daqtob 'oH #klingon (translate: #
  • Finished my geography final this morning… No more classes until my bio final on Monday night, then I'm done for another month #
  • Next semester: History 113 (World Civ 1700-now), HIST 170 (US Hist pre-Columbus-1865) & HIST 171 (US Hist 1865-now) #
  • Finished watching season 4 of Lost… OK, now I've gotta find season 5 and watch it too… #
  • It would be nice if MetroPCS could get short codes working again; they worked last week, why not now? #
  • Hard to believe 2009 is already almost over. Where is the time going? Looking forward to Christmas with my family in the Midwest though #fb #
  • Sweet. Same day I finish season 4 of Lost, Netflix adds season 5 to streaming. How's THAT for timing? #
  • @Mefran W00t! in reply to Mefran #
  • Phone bill & car insurance paid… off to Disneyland for a few hours #
  • Spent all but 59 cents getting presents with my birthday gift card, CM says "Don't go too crazy with that balance" #ohatdl #fb #
  • #ohatdl Hand sanitizer dispensers are all over the park now #
  • @BadAstronomer Facebook, brought to you by Khan Noonien Singh and the Chrysalis Project… in reply to BadAstronomer #
  • Hit Soaring Over California before DCA closed, now off to the other side for a while #
  • #ohatdl Girl 1: "It's Mickey and Minnie!" Girl 2: "Oh my word!" Guy: "They're back together!" #
  • #ohatdl CM to another CM: "Oh, that's weird… I thought you knew what you were doing." #
  • #ohatdl Teen boy re: Capt Rex on Star Tours: "Hey, look! It's Wall-E!" #
  • #ohatdl Teen girl exiting Star Tours: "Hey, what happened to the Energizer Bunny posters?" #
  • I am shocked – shocked, I say – that there are still FastPasses available for Space Mountain, and the standby queue is less than 30 mins #
  • One thing I like about Disneyland… Everything is photogenic. It's hard to take a bad picture here #
  • Last thing I need is FEMA stuffing my stockings RT @KFINEWS FEMA has stocking stuffer suggestions. Yes, FEMA #
  • #ohatdl Kid was about to dump tray into empty trash bin while CM was changing the liners, but caught himself at last second. CM: "Whew!" #
  • I have this odd urge to get the STFU hoodie from ThinkGeek and wear it to work on college day to see if anyone notices #fb #
  • How's that for timing? It starts to rain as Disneyland closes and everyone is leaving #
  • #ohatdl Couple on tram: "We didn't even go on Haunted Mansion!" "Shame on us! Shame on us!!" #
  • I'll get a proper scan later, but here's a sneak peek at page 1 of Union of Heroes #1 #
  • Figures. Just locked my keys in my truck… #
  • Lovely. Security shows up to open my truck and has to take off after a student running through the lot after getting caught fighting #
  • Even better, when they stopped the kid, his hand went in his pocket. They searched him expecting a weapon and found a bag of weed… #
  • Seriously just got a severe weather alert stating "WET WEATHER MOVING BACK INTO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA THIS WEEKEND" WTF? #
  • For those unaware (like I was), Warner Bros has a BluRay upgrade trade-in site, – selection's sparse but not a bad deal #
  • LOL Just got a call from some woman who drunk-dialed the wrong number… #
  • Getting annoyed by email from IA Sen. Grassley. I never signed up for it, and is it too hard to check that I don't live in his state? #fb #
  • @NathanFillion Are you serious about that, or are you you just making stuff up? Because, holy Xplóròs, that can be really annoying in reply to NathanFillion #
  • I'm once again frustrated with the fact that, alas, humor in general does not seem to transmit very well over them thar Intarwebs #

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