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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-12-05

  • Spent the last several hours playing Lego Batman… Apparently I missed dinner, if the headache is any indication #fb #
  • PS3 is rotting my brain… What day is it? #
  • @OHatDL I can't see tweets posted in the new function on my phone, only on the web site, so I vote to keep it the same in reply to OHatDL #
  • Finished season 2 of Lost. Ready to dive into season 3 #fb #
  • Yeah, like THAT'LL pass RT @abc7 California man wants to put measure on the ballot to ban divorce in the state #
  • Because he's really gonna come here from Washington RT @OCReggie After killings, OC deputies are reminded to be alert: #
  • Bio lecture in 1hr; lab final on Wed, lecture final Mon, then finals for Geog & History next Wed (tho I should be exempt from History) #fb #
  • Next semester, gen ed's finished, so just History classes: World Civ II (1700-now), plus US Hist I (neolithic-1865) & II (1865-now) #fb #
  • Turns out I'm getting a C in Bio, and if I can pull off A's on my lab final and lecture final, I can bump it up to a B… #fb #
  • Cue violins… RT @abc7 Immigrants legal and illegal are having trouble finding day-labor work in down economy #
  • Am I really supposed to get choked up when illegals can't get day labor work because actual Americans are doing it instead? Please… #
  • Got my transfer application turned in to CSUF with time to spare. The last of my gen ed is in progress, and I'm passing it all #fb #
  • @bookworm2007 Besides some marathon gaming and general geek slackery, no solid plans post-finals until Christmas (except going to work) in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • @wilw Isn't that Shatner's line? :p #
  • Wow. Just noticed I'm approaching 1k tweets (this makes #935)… Where has the time gone and what shall I do to commemorate that 4th digit? #
  • @bookworm2007 Yeah, but I probably won't get to it until finals are done in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • @dannymcguffin No doubt in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • @PaulRieckhoff Yeah, I hate when politicians have people stand up behind them for a speech. Feels cheap and obviously manipulative in reply to PaulRieckhoff #
  • Booked my flights for the holidays; visiting family in Wisconsin and Iowa. Thought about driving, but it's almost $300 cheaper to fly #fb #
  • That's just… excessive. RT @mashable Just Married: Groom Changes Facebook Relationship Status at the Altar [VIDEO] – #
  • RT @trekonlinegame Check out our new STAR TREK ONLINE Facebook app, TWEET IN KLINGON! #startrek #startrekonline #
  • Watched the Director's Cut of Terminator Salvation on BluRay. About the only difference I saw was the A-10 pilot was topless for a second #
  • @bookworm2007 You'll probably change your mind on that once the sequel comes out and you finally see him in that uniform for a couple hours in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • Laundry's done. Crackberry Internet's down for some reason. What else tonight? Oh, right. Sleep. Have trouble remembering to do that. #fb #
  • tweet-lu'meH QaQ jajvam #klingon (translate: #
  • I think I've found the vehicle for my 1000th tweet… whatever I have to say, I'll say it in #klingon #
  • Checked the MetroPCS coverage maps for Wisconsin and Iowa… I'll have voice and text, but no data on my Crackberry while I'm there. Oh well #
  • RT @trekonlinegame Check out our new STAR TREK ONLINE Facebook app, TWEET IN KLINGON! #startrek #startrekonline #
  • RT @Syfy I'm giving away a Syfy USB Flash drive to a random person who RTs this by 3pm ET on Fri 12/4 – #
  • Got an email from CSUF afterregistering for Spring classes. Looks like I've been accepted for Fall 2010 #fb #
  • Sometimes I find myself thinking that if these kids are our future, we're SO hosed… Then I remember I wasn't much better, honestly #
  • 'Bout Time RT @JamesatMetroPCS RT @amcnair00 FYI they have enabled txt tweeting on MetroPCS phones yippee I found out last nite 🙂 #
  • Seems MetroPCS has finally gotten short code SMS set up… So now I can (at last) simply tweet with a text msg… #
  • Bio lab final in t-minus 77 minutes… #
  • Awesome! RT @wilw I saw the greatest dashboard accouterment ever: a little wooden Buddah wearing a huge sombrero and Mardi Gras beads. #
  • Heck yeah RT @bookworm2007 thinks everyone should go to for an advent calendar made of photos from Hubble! #
  • Finished my Bio lab final, back home now. Think I got a C, maybe a B. As long as I pass the class, I'll be happy… #fb #
  • Watched GI Joe Resolute. Pretty cool, lots of nods to the 80s stuff. Ended a bit abruptly, but would make a good adult-targeted TV series #
  • This actually required a study? LOL RT @torenheksje "All men watch porn, scientists find"( ) #
  • RT @Syfy Ouch. Looking for aliens gets a school employee fired: #
  • WTF? Some ppl shouldn't be off meds RT @OCReggie Letter to editor complains frozen turkey bowling is insensitive to Native Ams & animals. #
  • @bookworm2007 That's why I have a Crackberry in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • Heck. Yeah. My truck, at long last, is fixed. Many thanks to Mr. Zook and the auto shop class. #fb #
  • Kid: "I heard Disney's head is frozen under Disneyland." Me: "Not true." Kid: "Yeah it is. I heard it." Seriously, WTF? #
  • @gadgetdoll Sleeping pills? #
  • Kid: "It's hot in here!" Me: "Then take off the jacket." Kid: "No!" #
  • The only time this girl stops talking in class is when she's putting more lip gloss on (usually). I should switch it with Krazy Glue… #
  • Seriously, she wears so much lip gloss there's more lens flares than in Star Trek #
  • Now she's broken out the mirror, eyeshadow, and eyelash paintbrushes. She's got more makeup on than a circus clown #
  • Getting my truck smog checked… Um, w00t? #
  • Truck's (finally) reregistered! Got the 2010 sticker on there before 2009 was over lol #
  • Unreal how rude some people are. Walking up to a urinal & a guy jumps in front of me… And there was another open one further in. #
  • RT @TrekToday News: Star Trek XI Makes NBR Top Ten List #
  • Whitest guy in the room and I'm the only one using chopsticks at a Chinese restaurant… Then again it is Panda Express. #fb #
  • @Tymethief probably not #
  • Fortune cookie says: "You will be fortunate in everything you do" So does this mean I'll finally pass Biology? #
  • Watched The Surrogates at the $1 theater. Wasn't that bad, tho I haven't read the original comic. Got Sonic Unleashed at GameStop for $20 #
  • Figures. While opening the save dialogue in GIMP, the power goes out for the entire block for nearly a full minute… #
  • Watching a 3-hour documentary on the Crusades from History Channel on BluRay via Netflix. Interesting stuff #
  • @bookworm2007 Defending honor? You live next door to Klingons? in reply to bookworm2007 #
  • @bookworm2007 Ah, the smell… Earthy, with a hint of lilac in reply to bookworm2007 #

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