Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-01

  • @wilw Heck with a fire. Drop them in a lake of acid like Captain Pike in “The Cage” in reply to wilw #
  • @Quarksbartender @Trekcast Thanks for the shoutout on the last supplemental. Wish I could afford to go to the Vegas con this year. #
  • Just finished watching the Torchwood: Children of Earth miniseries. Good stuff. Wonder what they’ll do next. #
  • Just so everyone can know what I’ve got on my schedule, I’ve added a feed from Google Calendar to my site. #
  • RT @NathanFillion “When you are an adult, [we] expect you to know to modulate your voice, so as not to be party to your entire phone call.” #
  • “While democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” Alexis de Tocqueville #
  • @wilw Re: “You’ve got fail.” Your. Wife. Rocks. #
  • Apparently among the keywords people use to find my site is the phrase “redhead penthouse pictures 1999.” Who’d’ve guessed? #
  • @NathanFillion And here I thought he was crowned AFTER that. (Cue NBC’s “The More You Know”) in reply to NathanFillion #
  • Tell me the guy working on the project was Dr. Nichols: Transparent Aluminum Created (via @TrekToday) #
  • @metropcs any news on when we might get short code support like everyone else? Having to use mobile web to update Twitter is teh suck #
  • @Tymethief Is this one of the signs of the coming necropalypse? in reply to Tymethief #
  • @Tymethief For some reason @TrekToday doesn’t post any of their stories to Twitter. Be nice if they set up TwitterTools to autopost ’em in reply to Tymethief #
  • @Tymethief Well, I’ll survive the necropalypse. A Facebook poll said so. (Besides, I’ve got guns, knives, and a sword. I’m ready) in reply to Tymethief #
  • “In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.” Douglas Adams #
  • Thought of the moment: Does it still qualify as an RT if you have to rewrite it to fit in the name of the original sender? #
  • @super_spock I put RT @ if it’s verbatim, or (via @ ) to clarify it’s been rewritten. But I must be the only one that anal about it in reply to super_spock #
  • RT @Syfy: I’m giving away an exclusive Syfy Comic-Con T-shirt to 5 random people who RT this note by 5pm PT Friday #
  • Finished my last final today. Got a B in that class, still waiting on the grade from my English class (probably a B as well). #
  • Watching Evil Dead on Netflix. Oh, cheesy goodness! #
  • @trekcast Wish I could be there guys, but the warp core in my runabout is in need of some TLC. Where’s Scotty when I need him? #
  • Netflix doesn’t have Evil Dead 2 available for streaming, so next up: My Name is Bruce (yes, I’m on a Bruce Campbell binge tonight). #
  • RT @goodgaming An absurdly high budget joke – Office 2010: The Movie #gaming #
  • @daytonward Mountain Dew Throwback is even better. Made with cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. in reply to daytonward #
  • RT @24hourfitness Take a walk! You will feel more alert and refreshed for the day. While on your walk, focus on the positives in your life. #
  • Got Watchmen and 2 Doctor Who disks from Netflix today. Hm. Which do I watch first? #
  • It kills me reading clueless peoples’ reviews of Watchmen, calling the plot a ripoff of The Incredibles #
  • Please tell me this is a joke: RT @scifigeeks Check out the new Superman outfit for Smallville #
  • @BadAstronomer Girl in my speech class gave an antivax speech. Wished it was a debate class while she was speaking. #
  • @wilw Heck. Yeah. in reply to wilw #
  • RT @Syfy Ah, good, Ridley Scott is going to direct the Alien prequel after all: #
  • Drinking Romulan Ale: 151 proof rum, everclear, blue curacao, and blue raspberry mix. Strong stuff. Could take out a klingon… #

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