Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-25

  • Spent 5 hours working on an English paper with my group, but it’s done now. #
  • Marvel Movie Marathon: watching Marvel Comics movies in chrono order. Blade & X-Men down; watching Blade II. Spider-Man & Daredevil up next #
  • @gadgetdoll Having some trouble? #
  • OK, we’ve got Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern… My vote goes for Willem Defoe as Sinestro! #
  • Watched the first 5 movies in my Marvel Marathon, spanning 1998-2002; after midnight, calling it a night. Probably watch some more tomorrow #
  • Figures. The college dropped phone registration this year, going web-only… and the server crashed from everyone trying to register at once #
  • Need to head to school soon… supposed to have an in-class essay today or tomorrow, & a final on Thursday. Speech class ends next week. #
  • @BrentSpiner I’d verify my account if it gave me the option. I’m the Harlander… There Can Be Only ONE! #
  • @BrentSpiner how can you be sure Harlander isn’t my real name? #
  • Four more days of English class… starting in 30 minutes. #
  • Talked to VA rep on campus; got hold put on my acct so I don’t get dropped from fall classes before new GI Bill takes effect. W00t! #
  • @wilw Hopefully that’s an indication of how small a percentage of hoax believers are in the population at large… #
  • Had a very strange dream. In it, I was reading a book. It wasn’t even a very good one. #
  • @COEDMagazine Never understood how one can “discover” place w/ pop in millions. It’s like putting a flag in my yard & claiming it for Spain in reply to COEDMagazine #
  • Finished the 1st of 2 in-class essays. Get it back at 4. It’s basically the rough draft for the big essay due tomorrow #
  • WTF? DHS thinks a strategy guide for a game about giant monsters is a threat to national security?! #
  • Got an A on my in-class essay today. Got another on Thursday for the final, plus a persuasive speech for my Speech final next week… #
  • WTF? Hit with overdraft fees on an acct that wasn’t, which caused it to become so, thus more fees… $175 in fees, my balance is now -$150 #
  • Used coupon for $1 lunch at kfc. Can hear girl getting job interview. BS detector going off scale #
  • English final today. Final essay finished, ready to turn in. Need to pick up a blue book before class though. #
  • @BrentSpiner One more reason I should be like Brent. He’s got so many assistants. Guten Morgen, Ernst. #
  • Finished my English final. Gonna get some lunch and prepare for speech class in 3 hours… That one doesn’t end until Wednesday. #
  • Think I did well on English final but bombed my speech. I can do some extra credit but my grade’s still going to suffer #

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