Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-23

  • Decided to spend 2nd day @ Disneyland w Winston. Played some Monsterpocalypse at Dice House too. Might come back after final tomorrow #
  • And now it’s back to work this morning, last final this afternoon. Might just stop by Disneyland again for a few hours after that. #
  • My Political Science grade has been posted. I got an A! Still waiting on the English grade, and my Child Development final is in 90 minutes. #
  • Finished the final. Prof said she’d have our grades in an hour. Feel good about test, but w grades on papers, can’t get better than C total #
  • Got a B on the test. Looks like a solid C for the class. 3.33 GPA both for semester & cumulative grades #
  • Finals are done. GPA 3.33. Graduate in 46hrs. Gone to Disneyland to celebrate, unwind. #
  • Drat. Park closes at 9, not 10. Going straight to Matterhorn #
  • Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to home I go #
  • Home now. I need to do laundry, and I’ve got work in the morning… Bleh. Reality sucks. Graduation t-minus 43hrs 38mins. lol #
  • Just voted. No no no no no and yes. #taxrevolt #
  • RT @KFIAM640 It’s official. From the Sec of State. 1A-1E failed. Toast. Done. #
  • Added a new theme to my site, returning to the outer space feel “Jeffrey’s World” had in years gone by. #
  • RT @LATimes Breaking news: Obama tells Schwarzenegger California will get federal stimulus money – #
  • Graduating in 7 hrs! Off to campus in a few minutes for the practice walkthrough at noon. #
  • In line to get cap & gown. T-minus 5 hrs #
  • Off to grab my cap & gown from my truck, then get ready for the graduation in 99 minutes… #
  • Graduation’s over. Off to home, then back to work in the morning #
  • w00t I r a kowledge gradjyooit ftw lol #
  • Converting my Star Trek site over to WordPress… copying over the ep summaries… tedious, but looks good. #
  • Bleh. Working on Trekipedia and getting bogged down trying to make a page showing the “site-update” posts. Got a lot of content up though #
  • The problem on Trekipedia’s been solved thanks to some help from a friend. Continuing to work on the content side again. #
  • Off to work in a few minutes. Thinking about going to Disneyland again after work. It’s nice having an Annual Pass. lol #
  • I like it here too RT @super_spock Star Trek is trending right now and Terminator is not. Alternate Timeline where Star Trek is cool rocks #
  • Eff it. Going 2 Disneyland #
  • Got my “just graduated” button. Ready for Indy, Pirates, & Haunted Mansion. #
  • One nice thing about California Adventure, you can get a beer w your meal. Overpriced, but not too badly #
  • Flirted a bit w the girl working the line for Space Mountain & ended up getting let in on the fastpass line… #
  • Taking the train to New Orleans Square. Pirates, Mansion, then home. Gotta get up in the morning #

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