Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-05-17

  • Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there, especially mine and my sister. #
  • After crashing my web host’s server last night, then being locked out until this afternoon, I’m finally back to trying to fix my web site… #
  • Well, I feel silly: Didn’t back up my blog before I deleted and reinstalled it. Last backup? Sept. Trying to rebuild 8 mos of posts: not fun #
  • Got my blog (mostly) back. There’s a handful of entries from the last 8 months that I couldn’t recover more than a few lines. #
  • Beginning the process of integrating some of my older writing into my blog, including essays and news articles, plus other stuff. #
  • Added a crapload of old stories I wrote to my blog (dated to their orig pub dates, so look in 1997-2000). #
  • Getting a car wash and an oil change. Gave the guys washing my truck a couple Cokes & they waxed it for free. #
  • Site Overhaul #
  • One final down, two more to go #
  • Recovered some lost entries #
  • Working on a new article for Trekipedia detailing the changes in the New Star Trek timeline and possible causes thereof. Hope to finish soon #
  • 2 finals down, 1 more on Monday. I feel confident I got As on both that I’ve taken so far #
  • Done for the day. Work? Over. School? Not until Monday. Weekend, here I come. Tomorrow: Disneyland and Star Trek in IMAX. #

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