Some people have no shame

I’ve had problems with some of my things disappearing from common areas of the house for a few months now. DVDs and some food, mostly. Occasionally even some of my dishes. Today, it happened yet again. I had a can of Monster sitting in an area of the fridge used only by me. Everyone knows the stuff on that shelf is mine. It was there when I grabbed the other can this morning before going to work. It was gone when I got home this afternoon, a bottle of root beer in its place.

Root Beer!

Taking the energy drink from the sick guy who’s struggling to wake up in the mornings because he’s up all night coughing!

Root Beer != Monster

if ($drink=”Root beer”) { print “DO NOT WANT”; }
elseif ($drink=”Monster”) {print “DO WANT”;}
else { print “meh.”; }

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