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A couple of interesting things happened.

First one was yesterday. I was proctoring the CAHSEE (Calif. High School Exit Exam) and got a phone call from the front office. Apparently, they got a phone call from the district office, who wanted me to come over to said district office this morning. Considering everything going on (the district is talking about cutting hundreds of aides like me because they’re over budget by about $24 million… like cutting a bunch of people making less than $20K/year is gonna make much of a dent there? How about looking into why we need SIX assistant principals at one school, each of whom makes a LOT more than an aide…)

Anyhow, considering all that, I was naturally a bit freaked, since they didn’t leave any explanation about why they wanted me to come over. I finally got them on the phone myself, and it turns out that, four months after hiring me, they’re finally giving me an orientation briefing. Sheesh.

The next interesting thing that happened was today. After coming back to work from the orientation briefing, I signed in and was checking my inbox. On the table, I found a flyer for an open position at the district office. The title is Risk Management Technician, but aside from some worker’s comp stuff, the job description is a whole lot like what I did in the Air Force, and the pay is considerably more than I’m making now (on the order of more than twice my current pay). Not only that, but the job is a 12-month position, unlike the aide position I’m in now (I don’t work or get paid for the summer). So, I’m polishing off my resume, and I’m going to apply for the job as soon as it’s ready.

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