Good lord, it’s been months since I posted anything.

Well, the apartment I had didn’t work out. I ended up having to find a new place and move everything with less than a month’s notice. I’m not confident I’ll see the deposit I put down, either. Live and learn, I guess. I found a new place, though. Better neighborhood, better all around, really.

Otherwise, pretty much everything else is the same. I go to work, I go home, I pay my bills, I do my laundry, I play some Warmachine on Sundays after church.

I got pretty sick this week and had to use a couple sick days. I had a fever of 102 F. Not fun. I spent the better part of 36 hours unconscious in bed. But at least the fever is past, it doesn’t hurt when I cough or sneeze, I don’t end up in coughing fits when I laugh, and the headaches are mostly gone. I’m still kind of congested, but not as badly as I was a couple days ago.

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