What’s New in June

Book Releases

6: “Helldorado” (Bad Times Book 4) by Chuck Dixon
9: “Agents of Influence” (Star Trek) by Dayton Ward
9: “Winds of Wrath” (Destroyermen Book 15) by Taylor Anderson
9: Final Days by Jasper T. Scott
9: “Spy, Spy Again” (Valdemar: Family Spies Book 3) by Mercedes Lackey
12: “The Earthling’s Daughter” (Soldiers of Earthrise Book 5) by Daniel Arenson
16: Hella by David Gerrold
17: Transformers: The IDW Collection Phase Two, Vol. 11 (Kindle/ComiXology) by Various
23: Final Fantasy XV: The Dawn of the Future by Jun Eishima
23: “Shadow Fall” (Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron Book 2) by Alexander Freed
30: Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA, Vol. 3 (Light Novel) by Ikuto Mamashita

Theatrical Releases

5: The Six Billion Dollar Man
12: Greenland

TV/Streaming Releases

12: Artemis Fowl (Disney+)

Star Trek Monthly eBook Deals

The Siege” (Deep Space Nine ) by Peter David
The Big Game” (Deep Space Nine #4) by Sandy Schofield
The Heart of the Warrior” (Deep Space Nine #17) by John Gregory Betancourt
The Last Best Hope” (Picard) by Una McCormack
Dead Endless” (Discovery) by Dave Galanter
Incident at Arbuk” (Voyager #5) by John Gregory Betancourt

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