Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-14

  • played Portal (PC) and Space Quest Collection (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • WTF?! RT @meznak: Ok, @netflix has made some boneheaded decisions in the recent past, but come on, guys. Really? #
  • @meznak Yeah, I've been w/ @netflix for a good decade now. I'll give them a chance before leaving, but @amazon Prime streaming is improving in reply to meznak #
  • @meznak @netflix @amazon I'd have to double-check; I'm streaming on my PS3 and my Blu-Ray player so no impact on my PC. in reply to meznak #
  • Re the tweets earlier on @netflix – an opposing view. Even if true, I'm still uncomfortable w/ corporate PACs #
  • @PizzaKarin And now, so do I. Gee… thanks. :p in reply to PizzaKarin #
  • My last Foundry mission for @trekonlinegame has gotten pretty good reviews & requests for more, so I started writing up a new mission today. #
  • Not sure what I'm going to title it yet, but it's going to have Klingons, & there will be a version for Fed & Klink players. @trekonlinegame #
  • @DrinkingCleric @trekonlinegame Maybe it's a retro thing in 2409, like all the old uniforms & ship designs that are going around…? in reply to DrinkingCleric #
  • Don't buy into the friggatriskaidekaphobic hype! If you think it's going to be a bad day, it will. Today's just another day. #FridayThe13th #
  • @AnneWheaton Maybe turn the alarm into part of an impromptu uptempo dubstep mix? Oh, and nice profile pic. (I see what you did there) in reply to AnneWheaton #
  • Oh dear lord… I weep for the species… RT @weirdnews: Craigslist: Woman impregnated at concert seeks dad #
  • @theisb And the digital-1st Superman series is "Smallville: Season 11".. which is the only way to actually see Tom Welling in the damn suit in reply to theisb #
  • played Star Trek Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • That moment when you think you hear your phone ringing in another room, but realize it's right in front of you. #timeforbed #

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