Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-07

  • Trekipedia: Archer #startrek #
  • Trekipedia: Malurians #startrek #
  • "They need something like People of Wal-Mart, but for Disneyland: People of Disneyland!" #ohatdl #
  • Girl: "That's a lot of pink…" Guy: "Augh! That just seared my retinas!" #ohatdl #
  • ElecTRONica music: "I want Justin Bieber." Guest: No, you don't!" #ohatdl #
  • My phone died before midnight, but now I'm back home… Happy New Year, everyone! #
  • @elizadushku a & b: spent the day at Disneyland w/ friends, amid crazy crowds. Finally got through the line for champagne w/ 1 sec to spare in reply to elizadushku #
  • Everyone that thinks the world's going to end this year… can I have your stuff? #
  • @theisb I thought it just meant that she was going to be running around the DCnU blasting random music based on each hero's preferences in reply to theisb #
  • Starting 2012 amazing with a bonus $129 thanks to this CNBC article #
  • Sorry 'bout that last tweet, folks. I don't know how it got sent out… while I was offline, in a class. New password in 3… 2… 1… #
  • Plan for this weekend: help set up grandma's computer, write up mid-term paper for class, try to get some work done on Protectorate #2 .. #
  • I'm only more than a year behind schedule on finishing that issue, after all… i feel bad about it, but work & school just overwhelmed me #
  • @blambot Yeah, I was surprised how much crap I got after my registration went through, and how much was deceptively crafted to look official in reply to blambot #

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