Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-03

  • played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • My flatmate took me to the USC-UCLA game as a birthday gift (she's a huge USC fan). Spent the afternoon tailgating, then the game. #
  • UCLA got their butts handed to them, losing 50-0. Holy crap. That's… atrocious. #
  • Funny, my friends & I were predicting this last night RT @KFINEWS: UCLA preparing to oust football coach Neuheisel after 50-0 loss to USC #
  • @walshcaitlin No… was out until about 2am driving back home from LA after the USC/UCLA game… didn't wake up until noon in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Back still hurts after lugging a cooler up 3 flights of stairs at the parking garage before the USC/UCLA game. Ouch. Had a good time though #
  • W00t! My professor just sent out an email moving the deadline for a paper that was due this week to the last day of class. I need the time! #
  • Not at all surprised, after the game I saw on Saturday. RT @KFINEWS UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel has been fired. #
  • Autobiography work-in-progress… tentatively titled "Confessions of a Military Brat." Current word count: 30,781. Still lots more to write #
  • played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • Heh. Reading the Runaways vol. 1 HC. "We'll be in and out." "Please don't say In-N-Out. I'd kill for one of their burgers right about now." #
  • 1000+ cops in riot gear? That's… that's battalion strength, damn near half a regiment. That's not just police. That's a frakkin' army. #
  • Members of the media better tell LAPD what to do with the order to turn off cameras & leave, or they don't deserve to be called journalists #
  • @walshcaitlin w00t! My book is up to 32K words so far… just over halfway done… in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @A_Peabody The veteran services office I work for at Cal State Fullerton has been developing a program for women vets facing these issues in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @A_Peabody We're not in a position to prevent it, but we can at least help with the aftermath for our student vets in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @A_Peabody Agreed. We had a lot of success advocating for GI Bill reforms. Now we need to turn that attention to this issue in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @A_Peabody Not sure what's worse… that she was pressured into marrying the guy, or that she had to do it to be "pardoned" for being raped in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @A_Peabody basically, she was coerced into agreeing to be a rape victim for the rest of her life. Story is horrible on so many levels. in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @meznak Awesomesauce. Which app? in reply to meznak #
  • @meznak Nice. Looks like something I could use, too… in reply to meznak #
  • @wilw @paulandstorm If I wasn't giving a presentation on the rough draft of my research paper for class tonight, probably, yeah. in reply to wilw #
  • played Star Trek Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • Today's blog post is now being written. Found a website last night that really pissed me off. @iava @PaulRieckhoff & vets might want to read #
  • Should be up later this evening. Need to finish, then proofread it first #
  • Achievement Unlocked: Grad Check Completed. #
  • I lol'd RT @AnneWheaton Jewelry [hustler] walked up & asked if I wear Tiffany. I told him I was more of a Debbie Gibson girl. *crickets* #
  • @PaulRieckhoff Welcome to my neck of the woods in reply to PaulRieckhoff #
  • @goodgaming Whatchoo talkin' 'bout? When *I* was in elementary school, it was Oregon Trail! ;p in reply to goodgaming #
  • @AnneWheaton it's ok… I knew what you meant & made an edit in my quoted RT so it would both make sense AND fit in the 140 character limit in reply to AnneWheaton #
  • Trying not to LOL IRL at people complaining about mid-60s temps as it being "freezing out." No folks, that's 30 degrees colder #
  • Just confirmed Twitter's 'Trends' list is total BS. Logged into 2 accounts, refreshed both at the same time, got 2 different lists #FAIL #
  • ROFLOL RT @comicsalliance 'Tiny Titans' #46 Reveals the Mysterious Woman in Purple's Shocking Identity [Spoilers] #
  • played Star Trek Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #

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