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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-19

  • Saw “Immortals” with some friends this evening. Meh. Weak, predictable plot, and the “gods” looked ridiculous #
  • Seriously, though… who designed the costumes for that movie? One of the guys looked like he had a seashell version of Princess Leia’s hair #
  • Bunch of people came in to the movie late & made a scene. Roommate was highly amused when I described them as “douchecraft carriers” #
  • I hate to admit it… but sometimes… I miss the days when it *wasn’t* cool to be a geek. #
  • Seems like now that “geek” is “cool,” tons of crap is being pumped out to appeal to the “geek” demographic. I want quality, not quantity #
  • (And the last couple tweets were more frustration in general, not just about the movie I just saw) #
  • And I’m one of them RT @goodgaming: DCUO nets 1 million new players since going F2P #gaming #
  • I’m sorry, California, but 60-degree weather is not cause to bust out the scarves, mittens, and winter coats. #
  • Oh, that wet stuff falling from the sky? It’s called rain, California, and no, it’s not a sign of the Apocalypse. #
  • Guy nearby bundled up like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story, complaining about how cold it is… while I’m in shorts & sandals #
  • played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • Started rewatching Babylon 5… been years since I watched it last. #
  • @A_Peabody Just got one the other day that was 21.74% Yeah, right. No effing way. in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Got a credit card offer the other day… APR of 21.74%. Are you effing serious? #
  • played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • @A_Peabody And just in time for the holiday shopping spree season. Must be their idea of a gift… in reply to A_Peabody #
  • @A_Peabody Seems a little too bait-and-switch to me. I’m not falling for it, but I know people who would. I’ll just use cash and layaway in reply to A_Peabody #
  • For those who haven’t read it, I wrote an 11-part retrospective on my time in the military. A “table of contents” is at #
  • Wow. Final word count for my “Aiming High in the Air Force” series was 20,758. That’s practically a book in and of itself… #
  • Actually… if I did some editing, cleaned it up, and added some more stuff in there… I could probably publish that beast by Christmas. #
  • The great debate: watch the episodes of Walking Dead on my DVR, or continue Season 1 of Babylon 5 on DVD…? hmm… #
  • Ok, made my choice. “It was the dawn of the Third Age of Mankind, ten years after the Earth-Minbari War…” #
  • played DC Universe Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • The sense of entitlement at CSUF is staggering. Kids skipping class to protest tuition hikes, yet tuition here is still the lowest around #
  • Seriously, one semester at Iowa State cost me three times what an entire year at CSUF would cost. Stop bitching when you’ve got it good. #
  • Already traded mine 2 wks ago darnit RT @GameStop Get $50 extra in-store credit when you trade any PS3 or Xbox 360! in reply to GameStop #
  • @OCReggie I paid $3.71 at an Arco in Santa Ana yesterday; saw it for $3.69 at another station near there this morning in reply to OCReggie #
  • @theisb Already did so last night. Vote is supposed to be today, but not sure what time in reply to theisb #
  • It just occurred to me… not only do I have no classes at @csuf next week, I’m off work at the high school all week, too… #
  • @PizzaKarin indeed. I might actually get caught up on my papers for my classes…. in reply to PizzaKarin #
  • Not just words to me: “I may disagree with what you have to say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” (Attr. to Voltaire) #
  • @GordonNBCLA As someone who once had a Bulldog, I can tell you they love having their bellies scratched ANY time. :p in reply to GordonNBCLA #
  • @TheInsaneRobin FWIW, I agree with you in reply to TheInsaneRobin #
  • Oh that would just be amazeballs RT @dailygalaxy: NASA’s Europa Update –A Potential Ocean Habitat of Life #
  • Shockingly, I not only have this week’s blog post written… I’ve finished off next week’s, too! #deadlines #wedontgetalong #
  • played DC Universe Online (PC) and Star Trek Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • That sensation when you wake up to three screeching alarm clocks and a migraine, call in sick, then pass out for 5 hours from your medicine #
  • @TheMadea Actually, I saw #BestOfBothWorlds and thought of @StarTrek in reply to TheMadea #
  • Wait… a guy shoots at the White House, while Obama’s in Hawaii, and he gets charged w/ attempted assassination? Bullets don’t go THAT far #
  • He absolutely should go to prison for what he did, but I think the assassination attempt charge is ridiculous #
  • @laura_hudson I guess that means a guy like me, with a name like Jeff, could never hope to work there… unless you find another Jeff in reply to laura_hudson #
  • Yay! My prof liked the title for the paper I’m writing: “Romance & Kryptonite: The Portrayal of Lois Lane in 1950s Comics & Television” #
  • Huh. Only 15 books for all my classes next semester. I had ~40 this semester. Then again, I did take a class w/ Dr. Bakken… #
  • @PizzaKarin No! Christmas stuff shouldn’t happen before Thanksgiving! The line must be drawn here! This far, no farther! :p in reply to PizzaKarin #

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