Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-26

  • "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress." -Mahatma Gandhi #
  • Don't pull the pin RT @latimes: World War II grenade found in home of veteran who recently died RT @lanow #
  • @MrShimasaki just been busy. Got a new place w/ Claire; we'll be moving in on the 15th in reply to MrShimasaki #
  • Just heard they're making a Stretch Armstrong movie. With the guy from Twilight. Seriously… W. T. F… #fb #
  • #ohatdl teenage boy on tram: "Oh dat chick from Dalmations? She bad. She evil. I don't wan' get my picture wit' her." #
  • Stuck under the giant ball of doom on Indiana Jones… it's been almost 5 minutes and counting… #
  • Finally got off the ride… had to walk out… we were stuck for ~20 minutes… #
  • We are, indeed, living in interesting times. #
  • My uncle's been in the hospital for the past several weeks and is facing several more months there. Glad to hear he's getting excellent care #
  • Some bugs taste pretty good RT @TIME: Yuck: The average person consumes a pound of insects a year without realizing it | #
  • D'oh! RT @TIME: Men are worse for the planet than women. Sorry, guys | #
  • Tests in both History 417A *and* 320 next Wednesday? *And* my Special Ed 371 class on Monday? Awe. Freakin'. Some. (note: buy bluebooks) #
  • Awesome. Kid in 2nd period brought something that emits a high-pitched noise; set off my tinnitus with a vengeance & triggered a migraine #
  • Wow. RT @scifigeeks: Chinese man builds homemade 10,000-pound Megatron tank replica #

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