Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-01-01

  • Flying out to Iowa in the morning. Flight departs at 7am! So, in other words, I have to be at the airport in about 7 hours… #
  • Gifts are nice, but time with family is better. I'm glad I was able to spend the holidays with mine this year. #
  • Still got a ways to absolute zero RT @A_Peabody It was 6° F when I got up; now it's 4°. How low will it go? #
  • Waiting to board my flight from Madison to Minneapolis. Then to Des Moines for a week at my sister's house. #fb #
  • Landed safely. 2-hour layover, then off to Iowa. #fb #
  • Now those are some serious icicles #
  • Woman's either blind, an idiot, or both. "They're not admitting it but the plane's not here yet." The plane's clearly visible in the window. #
  • Gave my niece "Don't Break the Ice" for Christmas. She's played it repeatedly and just said "I love the ice game." Best. Compliment. Ever. #
  • My sister to her husband: "What time's the party start?" Her husband: "When we get there." #
  • 2011 I AM IN YOU!! #

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