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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-23

  • I unlocked 6 Steam achievements on Champions Online! #
  • Playing Champions Online. #
  • played Champions Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • I unlocked 30 Steam achievements on Champions Online! #
  • Playing Champions Online. #
  • I unlocked 13 Steam achievements on Champions Online! #
  • played Champions Online (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • Hellsyeah! Got home and saw the PS3 Netflix Instant Streaming download was already in my Video List. #
  • Wow. Layout is completely different from the disc-based version. #ps3netflix #
  • I have to say, I really like the new UI on the new @PlayStation Netflix app #ps3netflix #
  • Okay… My house just got buzzed by Marine One, flying at rooftop level… #
  • Yeah, I know Obama's not in town, but Bill Clinton is. Maybe it was flying him out. No mistaking the paint scheme on the helicopter though #
  • @TrekkerTweet Sorry it took so long. Had trouble uploading a revised file, but here it is: in reply to TrekkerTweet #
  • @gadgetdoll @meznak Going through the pics from the wedding; apparently I'm the only one who even attempted to catch the garter lol #
  • Aw, crap RT @LegalZoom: RT @colleendebaise: Reuters on 1099: Tax rule change causes big small-business ruckus #smallbiz #
  • Um, @KFINEWS, the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in 1985, not 1965. It would've been the size of a house back then… in reply to KFINEWS #
  • Geez, of COURSE Super Mario Bros was the #1 selling NES game… it came with the console! #
  • @gadgetdoll Seriously, have you looked? One guy had his hands in his pockets lol in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • Everybody, this is my 4000th tweet. Tweet 4000, this is everybody. #
  • At the laundrymat again. Would rather be elsewhere. At home, watching Eureka on Netflix streaming, for example. #
  • Seems counterintuitive RT @abc7: Swiss researchers: longer in a relationship, less known about partner's likes/dislikes #
  • OK, Pandora's gone from Def Leppard to Metallica to Bon Jovi to Prince. WTF? #
  • @EmperorOfNerds Seriously. How does Prince fit into my 80s hard rock/metal station? in reply to EmperorOfNerds #
  • At least when I clicked on "thumbs down," it killed the Prince song and started playing "Pour Some Sugar On Me." Much better, Pandora. #
  • Why is there glitter on the folding table? #laundrymat #fail #
  • @EmperorOfNerds @KnightCop The study required further review when it was discovered their legs still enabled them to kick the bucket in reply to EmperorOfNerds #
  • There was an awesome thunderstorm here a little while ago. #
  • @A_Peabody Senate: Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein; House: Loretta Sanchez. I vote in every election, and make an effort to stay informed in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Man, this weather is crazy. Kids stopped making fun of my ginormous golf umbrella after 2 fit under it w/ me & stayed dry walking to class #
  • Passed a van that spun out & took out a power line about 3 blocks from work, so the traffic lights were out half the way home #
  • I swear, you get even the smallest bit of moisture & Californians forget how to drive. Slow down, idiots! #
  • @TrekkerTweet still working on it; still needs the comics & novels released in the past ~9mos in reply to TrekkerTweet #
  • @TrekkerTweet You're assuming Data only had one cat. Maybe there were mult. cats w/ the same name, and thus the switch from male to female in reply to TrekkerTweet #
  • Got a B on my History 386B midterm last week! (got it back in class today) #fb #
  • @ComfortAndAdam He did keep going. Have you seen the "Season 8" comics? Picks up a few months later. in reply to ComfortAndAdam #
  • Record highs, now record rain… RT @KFINEWS: Today's .57" of rain at Long Beach Airport broke the previous 10/19 record of .14" set in 1979 #
  • Playing Mahjong Titans. #
  • @TrekkerTweet Or it's a side-effect of all the time travel shenanigans in the Trekverse. Or we're hopping timelines like Worf in season 7. in reply to TrekkerTweet #
  • played Mahjong Titans (PC) in the last 24 hours. #
  • And so begins that part of the week where the first letter of each day spells WTF #
  • @A_Peabody I don't have anything purple to wear, or I would have done so in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Had a strange dream where I visited Nellis and everyone I worked with was stationed there again. I was still a civilian, but in uniform too #
  • @PaulRieckhoff Big split here: Boxer A, Feinstein C, and Sanchez B. All had A's last year. What happened? Election-year polics? in reply to PaulRieckhoff #
  • WTF, Pandora! My 80s hard rock/metal station is not the place for Creedence Clearwater Revival. #
  • Don't get me wrong, "Rollin' On the River" isn't a bad song; I just want to listen to some Metallica or Motley Crue or something similar #
  • Motley Crue's "Kickstart My Heart." Much better, Pandora. #
  • Followed up by GnR's "Welcome to the Jungle"? Well done, Pandora. You're on the way to redemption. #
  • @wilw Now the question is… WHICH Robin? There's been about six so far (Dick/Nightwing, Jason, Tim, Spoiler, Damian, plus DKR's) in reply to wilw #
  • @walshcaitlin that's about the same that I pay in rent… in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @walshcaitlin $600/mo, or about $7200/year in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Playing Champions Online. #
  • Playing Mahjong Titans. #
  • I unlocked 4 Steam achievements on Left 4 Dead! #
  • played Left 4 Dead (PC), Alien Swarm (PC), Mahjong Titans (PC), and 3 other games in the last 24 hours. #
  • I unlocked 7 Steam achievements on Champions Online! #

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