Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-14

  • @Jchawes Per diem is supposed to cover both food and hotel costs while traveling on gov't business; that's why it seems so high in reply to Jchawes #
  • @Jchawes I think it's also supposed to cover the cost of a rental car as well, and is adjusted based on location in reply to Jchawes #
  • @Jchawes That's how it worked when I was in the military, at least in reply to Jchawes #
  • @daytonward I follow you and it suggested I follow Kevin Dilmore; perhaps the opposite is true as well? in reply to daytonward #
  • Housesitting for @MrShimasaki for the next few days, taking care of his pets. Watching the dog & cat chase each other around the house #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 8 August 2010 #
  • @blambot I actually make fun of that in my third issue – my characters get a copy of a comic based on them and are appalled at the dialogue in reply to blambot #
  • Holy cow, this dog's got a pungent exhaust port! Wish I hadn't left my gas mask at home. I don't think I'll be getting any sleep now… #fb #
  • Watching Resident Evil for the first time in years… zombies I can buy, but an HK MP5 rifle sending one into a flying backflip? LOL #fb #
  • When they showed the close-up of the expended brass from the 9mm pistol hitting the floor, why didn't it bounce? That was… weird. #
  • @Quarksbartender Remember the cardboard "marshmelon" replicator tubes that came with marshmellows in the store when ST V came out? in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • Ugh. Guy hit my truck while I was driving to CSUF to straighten out some GI Bill paperwork. No damage at least but my nerves are shot #fb #
  • Told to call at 11:30 for GI Bill stuff; 90 mins later, nobody's answering… But I checked online and it looks like everything's done. #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 12 August 2010 #startrek #
  • @DamonS23 @ArcticMandy I know about the Mounties, and thanks to Ren & Stimpy, the Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen, too. :p #
  • It kills me when TV shows get the military wrong. Like a guy at a funeral practically doing gymnastics to salute the jets flying overhead #
  • The little things really bug me, too, like epaulets not being folded under the collar, or wearing hats indoors without getting chewed out #
  • Stargate was pretty bad about that stuff at first, but it got better after they got an advisor from the Air Force. #
  • Watching season 1 of X-Files and it's like nails on a chalkboard to me every time they show a military character on screen #
  • OK, so the guy wasn't taking his hat off inside… but now he's outside in uniform and NOT wearing it… oy vey…. lol #
  • Wow. Secret military operation in rural Wisconsin, and the first thing they set up was a brig? Talk about priorities. #
  • Somehow I get the feeling that whoever wrote this episode didn't really think highly of the military. They're all being portrayed as thugs. #
  • Wow. Junk science on top of badly caricatured characterization. This one's just hitting all my buttons. #
  • I should probably skip to the next ep before it rubs me the wrong way, but it's like a train wreck: I just can't turn away. #
  • Note to TV writers: there's a lot of laws governing what the military can do on U.S. soil. Knowing about them before writing might help. #
  • Maybe it's just me, but if I worked with Mulder and he was always right, I'd stop doubting him. Was there EVER an ep where he was wrong? #
  • He always jumped to the most insane lengths to explain a case, Scully would pooh-pooh the idea, and lo and behold, he was right all along. #
  • I'd love to see one where Scully was right, and Mulder would have to accept that there was a mundane explanation for a case. #
  • Had a weird dream where I was traveling to other realities, taking the place of my alternate self. Doubly so because it's not the first time #
  • Last night, I was in a world where the oceans were being taken over by some kind of tube worm creature that killed off most of the sea life #
  • Apparently it was desalinating the oceans as part of its life cycle, which was killing everything else. Nobody knew where it came from #
  • @meznak Well, considering I remember being woken up by a ringing phone, I'd say there's a good chance it was a dream. in reply to meznak #
  • Yeah, but @wilw did it first RT @scifigeeks Shatner Photobombs Star Trek fans #
  • Awesome. Went to take out some trash and accidentally got locked out of the house for 2 hours until my landlord got back home. #

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