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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-24

  • Just watched "These Are the Voyages" immediately after "The Pegasus," which only reinforced how much the ENT finale sucked #
  • I can forgive Frakes & Sirtis not looking the same, since it was filmed 10 yrs later… but the story didn't fit the original episode at all #
  • Bad enough the series finale of Enterprise was told as a TNG Holodeck flashback story more about Riker than Archer… #
  • …but even shoehorning it into "The Pegasus" didn't really work, either, because it was so far off from that episode's themes & story logic #
  • Seriously, how does Riker on the holodeck watching Trip blow himself up like a moron help him decide on how to handle Pressman & Picard? #
  • And why rehash an episode of a series canceled 10 years earlier as the finale for a series set 215 years before that ep took place? #
  • At least by doing it that way, the events of the episode set in the ENT era could be completely ignored as an inaccurate historical drama #
  • Although the retcon alluding to Pressman testing the phase cloak for Section 31 was a nice touch. I suspected as much myself, anyhow #
  • Actually, would that qualify as a retcon? Original never mentioned 31, but 31 didn't show up until several yrs later on DS9. Meh. Semantics. #
  • Either way, the comment about the "secret branch of Starfleet Intelligence" was a nice touch. So the episode wasn't a complete waste #
  • @DantesSTO I started with Archer; I'm watching in the story order, so the TNG-era stuff is all mixed together in reply to DantesSTO #
  • @theisb She's had a string of consecutive 23rd birthdays since 1937. in reply to theisb #
  • @Tymethief Right there with you. Still in starving student/artist mode… Ramen and frozen veggies are my friend in reply to Tymethief #
  • @Tymethief Whaaat?! Spreadsheets aren't our friends?! in reply to Tymethief #
  • Sadly, I ran out of bacon salt. My baked potatoes just won't be the same now #
  • @DantesSTO You can get bacon salt and many other bacon and caffeine infused food and drink items from @thinkgeek in reply to DantesSTO #
  • Kirkman's new Image imprint has me thinking of ideas for possible submissions… #
  • @gadgetdoll Jen's Tavern, where the 1337 beat the #33 in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • Watching #startrek in Stardate order: Voyager's been in the Delta Quad 2 mos, DS9 just found a Jem'Hadar baby, and Kirk just died… twice. #
  • @gadgetdoll Well, if you ever open a bar, you'll have to remember it in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • And thus is spawned the ST07 timeline, where Soran detonated the Veridian star, killing everyone on Veridian IV and the Ent-D crew as well #
  • Odd to consider that what's considered the "Prime" timeline in the #StarTrek multiverse has been repeatedly altered by time travelers #
  • By definition, the "Prime" timeline should be the one unaltered by time travel #
  • Ah, nothing like spaghetti with home-made sauce for dinner. (No, really, there's not much else besides ramen, rice, and soup) #
  • I think it's funny that people got pissed when Kirk died… saving 250 million people. Wasn't Kirk the one who said "Risk is our business"? #
  • Now on the Voyager episode with the Sikarians… Season 7 missed an opportunity to revisit them, since they were near Alastria by then #
  • @aprilhebert I hope he gets well soon in reply to aprilhebert #
  • @blambot Awesome! That's one of the books I've got on preorder at my local comic shop in reply to blambot #
  • I guess I'm alone in thinking the 41st anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing is more newsworthy than Lohan reporting late for jail this am #
  • Wow. That's frickin' cool. RT @scifigeeks: China build a full size Optimus Prime out of scrap metal (pics) #
  • Something I have in common with everyone who set foot on the moon: we're all Eagle Scouts #apollo11 anniversary @boyscouts #
  • What's the point of sentencing someone to 3mos in jail if you announce they'll be out in 14 days >8hrs after they start their sentence? #
  • @theisb Was gonna, but got less than $5 now thru payday in 2 wks, so had to cancel in reply to theisb #
  • @ComicGeekSpeak Yes. Due to financial concerns, I can't make it this year. Hopefully next year will be better. in reply to ComicGeekSpeak #
  • Agreed RT @thinkgeek: WANT: Super-slick Trouble with Tribbles limited edition posters to go on sale this Friday: #
  • Last seen in an odd blue box RT @latimes: Doctor a 'person of interest' in model's slaying, prosecutor says RT @LANow #
  • I wonder how much interest there would be in the autobiography of a 32-yr-old military brat/veteran/geek working at a high school… #fb #
  • I started working on it a few months back. Wrote the first chapter and half of chapter 2. Set it aside, but thinking of working on it again #
  • @theisb You won't know terror until you see my friend @danmcguff in his Spidey costume. He's reportedly wearing it today in reply to theisb #
  • Ooh, nice RT @subspacecomms: So Cal Trek fans, We're going to have a pre-khhaaan! meetup in Orange Cty on Sat July 31. Details to follow. #
  • @Tymethief but you're always paranoid in reply to Tymethief #
  • Hey @danmcguff go find him RT @theisb: Also–if you're in costume, PLEASE find me. We're doing a thing. On video. With me. #
  • Trekipedia: Update: 23 July 2010 #

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