Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-05

  • @theisb Ace Ventura… JR?! Oh, dear, sweet googly-moogly. Just when I think Hollyweird can't get any worse, you find a gem like that in reply to theisb #
  • Was leaving Denny's with a friend when a guy got off the bus & demanded I give him my leftovers, after saying he just got out of prison #fb #
  • W00t! RT @Syfy RT @yobeeone: awesome morning! #syfy is running a Primeval marathon! YES!!!! Thanks @syfy! [Craig: Thx for watching!] #
  • This is surprising how? RT @latimes: Nuclear equipment missing from Iranian lab, IAEA report says #
  • For some reason, I was thinking of the scene in Kingdom Come where Joker kills the entire Daily Planet staff and want to read it again #fb #
  • Seriously, everyone who said "Happy Memorial Day" to me (or anyone) over the weekend, stop and think about what you're saying. #fb #
  • Guy running for Atty Gen in CA's credentials? Top legal counsel for Facebook. Yeah, *that* makes me want to vote for him. #
  • What started as a graphics card upgrade ended with me replacing everything but the hard drive and DVD drive… #
  • @blambot Maybe the name of a demon like Blial or something would work? in reply to blambot #
  • Yes, I definitely live in Santa Ana. 10pm and I hear sirens and a police helicopter circling somewhere over/near my home #fb #
  • @super_spock The Goonies is 25?! I guess I should join you with the #oldfart tag in reply to super_spock #
  • This just takes it to a whole new level #
  • Guy walked past me in a track suit w more gold chains than Mr T, one prominently featuring a 3" wide marijuana leaf. Stay classy, dude. #fb #
  • @dannymcguffin Jnue? in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • @Tymethief I've caught several girls ogling photos of him in the computer lab at work a few times. He looks like he's 12… in reply to Tymethief #
  • Lovely RT @abc7 BREAKING OC NEWS: Driver shot after altercation w/ another driver in Santa Ana near 5 Freeway. Suspect fled in Escalade #
  • "Near the 5" isn't really that specific since the 5 goes through pretty much the entire city. That's like saying "near the Berlin Wall" #
  • @wilw I really hope you're not psychic, because that would just suck in reply to wilw #
  • @daytonward Planning on it. Got my pro passes all lined up. Just need to figure out accommodations in reply to daytonward #
  • Made some big changes on my HDD: shrunk Linux from 75 to 10 GB, using 65 for game installs. Plenty to keep me busy this summer! #fb #

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