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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-22

  • Had dinner at Ruth's Chris steak house for my friend Winston's birthday. Best dinner I've had in a very long time. #fb #
  • @A_Peabody Just starting Monday, with Finals starting tomorrow. We'll see how it goes in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Ladies and gents… it's now Finals week. Here's hoping there's no repeats of last week's suicide at CSUF. #fb #
  • Just got an email from my HIST 113 professor; got a B in the class, looks like I'll be exempted from the final on Monday #
  • @Syfy I remember "SciFridays." Very clever, whoever came up w that one in reply to Syfy #
  • Apparently I have Judas Priest mp3s on my computer I didn't even realize I owned. #
  • Apparently, Soviet leadership was convinced that the election of a Polish pope was a German-American conspiracy. Seriously? LOL #fb #
  • If the US really had that much sway over the Catholic Church, why has there never been an American Pope? (searches for rolleyes smiley) #
  • "Freedom of religion for everyone and for all people must be respected by everyone everywhere." Pope John Paul II #fb #
  • @theisb You've never heard of Rule 34, have you? "If it exists, there is porn of it somewhere on the Internet." in reply to theisb #
  • @theisb Supergirl. :p in reply to theisb #
  • @gimliaxewielder No, Negus. in reply to gimliaxewielder #
  • Wow. Reading this book has taught me more about the political forces at work in the 80s than any class I've attended. #fb #
  • Nice bit of historical irony: while the USSR was exporting revolution against the West, it was taking financial aid from the West. #fb #
  • I just misread 1982 as 1942. I think I need to take a break for a few minutes. #
  • @Quarksbartender Did you see my request to join Yes Kill I? I've got finals this week, so I might not be able to get on #STO til the weekend #
  • Book report finally done; now movie review on "In the Heat of the Night." Not on Netflix or Hulu, had to resort to ver w Chinese subs #fb #
  • @A_Peabody I believe the appropriate expression of general disgust/apathy would be "meh." in reply to A_Peabody #
  • Prof just spent 5min browbeating class for not paying attention. Maybe if she didn't spend 30min rambling before getting to the point… #
  • Seriously, even I was starting to nod off, and I'm usually pretty good about paying attention in class, as my grades can attest #
  • One final down, two to go. I feel really good about this one, and will have my grade within the hour! #fb #
  • Figures. I go to the library to study for Thursday's final, and the book I need is not only checked out… it's overdue. #fb #
  • Got a B on the final! Don't know the overall grade for the class yet, but prob a B; prof says poss even an A. #fb #
  • RT @Syfy BIG NEWS: The #Eureka Warehouse 13 crossover you've been asking for is happening: #WH13 #
  • RT @CBR IDW Comics Now Available on Blackberry #
  • RT !mashable HOW TO: Market Your Small Business With No Budget – #
  • RT @mashable HOW TO: Market Your Small Business With No Budget – #
  • Kids were trying to google Tupac and clicked the wrong entry in the dropdown, ended up with a search for Tupperware. #fb #
  • @wilw dooo eeet!!! in reply to wilw #
  • @BadAstronomer The TF movies had so much potential. Hopefully they can get it right next time around in reply to BadAstronomer #
  • Heck. Yeah. RT @super_spock: Captain Kirk vs. Han Solo. Uhm… Sorry bitch, it goes to the man in charge of 435 crewmen. Have a day 🙂 #
  • Solo vs. Kirk: More to the point @super_spock: "I'm only in it for one thing" vs. "Risk is our business." 'Nuff said. in reply to super_spock #
  • @MethosChronicle @super_spock Ah, the (in?)famous Kirk Flying Butt Kick(TM) #
  • Just finished final #2 Was worried about it, but I think I did well. Prof said grades should be up next week. #fb #
  • @MethosChronicle @super_spock Ah, the (in?)famous Kirk Butt Kick(TM) in reply to MethosChronicle #
  • @TheUniques W00t! I don't have a table, but I'll be there. Loog forward to seeing you #
  • @theisb Once again, Rule 34 remains in effect in reply to theisb #
  • Awesome RT @weirdnews: Ninjas rescue student from muggers (Reuters) #fb #
  • Seriously, that headline just made my morning #
  • Wow! RT @dailygalaxy: World's Leading Genome Team Create the 1st ‘Synthetic Cell’ #fb #
  • Mentioned the ninja story to a coworker. Kid overheard: "Ah, I can beat up ninjas!" Me: "In what video game?" #
  • @A_Peabody I agree. That's one of the main reasons I enjoy working at a high school #
  • Created a new alt on #STO last night. My first two characters (Senyv and Kathtok) were both tactical officers; new guy's a Science officer #
  • Lt. Robert Stewart, a liberated Borg drone formerly known as 42 of 47. Currently commanding the Centaur-class U.S.S. Bayern. #
  • LOL RT @afoolishwit: I'd have less contempt for D&D if it were socially acceptable to blow your friends off for other board games. #

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