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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-08

  • HOLY CRAP IT'S THE HULK!!! ON RISA!!!! #STO #startrek #
  • @pattonoswalt @wilw Red Baron was WWI, and unless it's WWII or NASA, Hanks doesn't seem interested. Spaceman Spiff, on the other hand… in reply to wilw #
  • @A_Peabody Of coarse your, aware that randomme commas, are festive? in reply to A_Peabody #
  • The #STO web site's jumping the gun: character bio page says Senyv is a Lt Commander, but in the game he's still Lieutenant #
  • D'oh! I feel dumb now. Ended my date early tonight to go home to do some homework I thought was due tomorrow… not due 'til Wednesday #
  • @walshcaitlin I did say my stuff was an alternate universe. I wanted to do something radical, and that just flowed naturally from the shows in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @walshcaitlin Thanks. My other series Parallels follows my timeline's Kes through mult timelines, and touches on the Janeway bit in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @Tymethief Bulldogs swim the same way #
  • Had a weird dream where aliens invaded and turned everyone into undead zombies, then it spread off-planet when Worf got infected… #fb #
  • Yes, my dream merged b-movie alien invasions, George Romero, and Star Trek with my real life. #fb #
  • This can't go unremarked: May the Fourth Be With You. Happy #StarWars Day, everybody. :p #fb #
  • Guy presenting in my history class thinks he's funny… he's not. Profanity, pacing, stereotyping aren't helping. #
  • Talking about Civil War at work today. Teacher: "What kind of weapon was that?" Student: "A grand canyon." #fb #
  • @gadgetdoll Happened to me once, too. in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • Guy just showed up 2 hours late to a 3-hour class. Really? At that point, why even bother showing up? #
  • Drat. Trying to watch some DVR'd shows only to discover that OTA HDTV sucks worse than regular OTA TV did. #
  • Get about 5 mins of a motionless, pixellated half-picture with no audio for every 30 secs of pixellated half-picture that moves with sound #
  • This would be so much easier if I could DVR the shows on the satellite feed, but all I've got for recording is my Win7 box and an HDTV tuner #
  • The last place I lived had cable, so this wasn't a problem. This place has satellite, so I can't set shows to record while I'm not home #
  • Some flies got into my microwave. Couldn't get them to fly back out, so I reenacted a scene from Kick-Ass. Wasn't nearly as dramatic. #fb #
  • On a side note: thank God for Simple Green. #
  • @blambot might be easier to check your local game store. I know mine has a few copies in reply to blambot #
  • As one of my old military buddies says, tonight is Drinko de Mayo. #fb #
  • Yo Joe! RT @comicsalliance: G.I. Joe Gets the Year One Treatment In Upcoming 'G.I. Joe: Renegades' Animated Series #fb #
  • @theisb Malibu, actually in reply to theisb #
  • RT @alyankovic: I can’t believe we went all the way through the last 10 years without collectively agreeing what to call that decade. #fb #
  • Peter Porker FTW RT @comicsalliance: Spider-Ham Turns 25 This June with a 48-Page Anniversary Special #fb #
  • One of the kids says this class has "the worst kids in the school" because there's bars on the windows; "it's like a jail!" LOL #fb #
  • Teacher said we have to go to another classroom later today. Kid asked, "Will there be girls there?" #fb #
  • One of the kids just said there's "too much porn" in Nightmare on Elm Street. What version was he watching? #fb #
  • @gimliaxewielder Awesome. I forgot I had one on the belt of my military uniform when I flew to Turkey and they just confiscated it. in reply to gimliaxewielder #
  • These kids are a trip today. "I had a cat named Mittens; he died. He did drugs; he overdosed and he died." I think I've heard it all now #fb #
  • @walshcaitlin I'm suddenly reminded of Catholicism Wow! and the Buddy Christ in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Just found near mint, bagged copies of Spawn 8-9 and StormWatch 1-2 for 25cents each at Goodwill… They're worth substantially more #fb #
  • Found a copy of Champions Online at Goodwill for $2, too. That's 10% of what it would cost in the store. #
  • Found a copy of Champions Online at Goodwill for $2, too. That's 10% of what it would cost in the store. #fb #
  • Piracy would be less of an issue if they could pick a digital distro system RT @CBR Comics Piracy Site Shut Down #fb #
  • @KFIAM640 I think "assy" might work better than "ass." as a contraction for "assembly" – same # of characters & less open to crude humor 😉 in reply to KFIAM640 #
  • @KFIAM640 Oh, OK, maybe not that much less in reply to KFIAM640 #
  • Champions is installed. Got a month's subscription from the in-box code (guess it was an unused copy). Patching. We'll see if I like it soon #
  • @Syfy I find it amazing how many people don't seem to realize that businesses need to make $$ in order to keep producing content. in reply to Syfy #
  • Playing through the Champions tutorial. Still dunno if I'll stick with it, but it's only been a couple hours; got a month to decide #fb #
  • For those wondering, my Champions Online character is Pyre from my comic The Protectorate (different costume, but same powers) #
  • "Lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math." Ambrose Bierce #
  • Another one? RT @abc7 BREAKING NEWS: Reports of Emirates plane stopped on taxiway at JFK airport in NY w/ no-fly passenger on board #
  • RT @dailygalaxy: Vast Cloud of Antimatter Discovered Near Center of Milky Way #fb #
  • RT @NASA "How Capt Kirk Changed the World." Our thanks to @WilliamShatner for inspiring the space geek in all of us #fb #
  • One of the kids from another class is playing Stairway to Heaven on his guitar. He's pretty good; I thought it was a recording for a min #fb #
  • LOL RT @bitterandrew: Every time I hear about BRIGHTEST DAY's 'white power rings,' this comes to mind. #fb #
  • RT @comicsalliance: FBI Shuts Down HTMLComics (And Why a True Digital Library Would Be More Effective) #fb #
  • Wonder if it's someone I know RT @DaveTress: Damn! Air Force Sgt runs a 9:22 minute mile… in a Bomb Suit! #
  • I hear the stock market took a tumble today. Apparently they slipped in some Greece. (ba-dum-bum) #fb #
  • @walshcaitlin I think you'll like Parallels, then. It has a lot of timelines, including a Mirror Universe where the Terran Empire never fell in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • @Mefran I never got into WoW. Just not a big fantasy fan. I really like #STO and I feel that while Champions isn't up to that lvl, it's OK in reply to Mefran #
  • According to one of the kids, I look "gangsta" because I wore shorts today. Apparently skin so white it's near-translucent is "gangsta" now #
  • Judge says Frank McCourt has to pay Jamie $637K per month. (via @KFIAM640) Wish I had that kind of cash; that's about 637x more than I make #
  • RT @KFINEWS: One TSA screener whacks another TSA screener over tallywacker humor gone awry. #fb #
  • Forget the Chihuahuas TSA is using for drug/bomb sniffing at LAX. They need to get Underdog on the TSA payroll. #

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