Star Trek Online, all night long…

I couldn’t sleep tonight, so I decided to take on a mission in Star Trek Online… seems I bit off more than I could chew on that one.

Oh, it started off just fine. In fact, I had no problems at all until the end of the mission, when one of the Klingons turned out to be an Undine shapeshifter and it sent me up against an Undine dreadnought and four frigates. Alone. In a light cruiser. Oh, yeah, that ended well… after getting my @$$ thoroughly kicked about a dozen times, I finally dropped the mission; I’ll have to try it again once I’ve got a (much) bigger ship.

But, alas, I couldn’t end the night like that. Despite the fact that it was by this point nearly 2 am, I still couldn’t sleep, and I didn’t want to end the game on a sour note. So I took on a simple patrol mission. Patrolled four systems. Simple stuff. Ended up getting promoted from Lieutenant 4 to Lieutenant 5. Unfortunately, now it’s 3am, I still can’t sleep, and my alarm’s going off in 3 hours so I can be awake by 8, out the door by 8:30, and in class by 9…

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