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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-02-13

  • Still waiting for my Constitution class ship and other extras from Gamestop. STO's been out a week, and I've seen others with them! #fb #
  • @MethosChronicle No, it replaces your initial ship… TOS Connie has the same stats as a Miranda/Centaur/ShiKahr in reply to MethosChronicle #
  • Just watched last night's Smallville… um… ok. Personally, I would've gone with a different actress than Pam Grier as Amanda Waller… #
  • There's a reason Waller's called "The Wall," and it has everything to do with the character's waistline. Pam Grier was about 3x too small #
  • Listened to an interesting presentation at my friend's church by a former atheist today, then spent a couple hours gaming at his house #fb #
  • I post about hearing a talk by an ex-atheist and get bombarded by haters who don't even follow me. Does my faith threaten you that much? #fb #
  • @dannymcguffin Yeah, right. Where's your 714? in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • Which is why it's the servers keep crashing RT @goodgaming: Star Trek Online Reaches One Million Accounts #gaming #
  • RT @dannymcguffin: congrats to every hillbilly redneck toothless person in Louisiana… do not celebrate by sleeping w your sisters or aunts #
  • Had a good time at DiceHouse this afternoon/evening. Played some MonPoc and worked on my comic. Apparently there was a football game on. #fb #
  • @Tymethief While my twitter profile pic is up on FB, I maintain that it is not, in fact, my FB profile pic… so nyah in reply to Tymethief #
  • @teamcovenant Tournament, but only a couple showed so it was more casual. Got my @$$ handed to me – one form gone in a single blow… ouch in reply to teamcovenant #
  • Scanned in the inked cover for Protectorate #1 & the pencils for pages 10-12. Adding the text for the pages in Scribus right now… #fb #
  • Protectorate #1 status: Cover & Pages 1-12 (of 23) penciled & lettered; Cover & pp 1-4 inked; Pg 1 colored. Approx 1/3 complete… #
  • Got my Constitution Class ship in STO finally… plus several other goodies. Captain Senyv is now commanding the USS Merrimac, NX-93647 #fb #
  • Made an appt w CSUF xfer rep for Thurs – find out what went wrong w my xfer application, get it fixed #fb #
  • Comic's at 36% complete overall: pencils 58% done; inks 21% done; lettering 61% done; colors 4% done; working on page 13 pencils now #
  • @theisb Chuck-o does… in reply to theisb #
  • Starting up season 5 of Buffy… Until recently, I'd never seen past season 3 before, but now I own the whole series on DVD #
  • RT @boyscouts: RT @GSWCBSA: "The only problem with the boy scouts…there's not enough of them!" – Will rogers #BSA100 #
  • Overheard at laundromat – girl loudly on cell phone: "So tell me what happened wit tatooin' dat guy's face!" #fb #
  • Only took 20 yrs w/o actually playing, y'know, music videos RT @latimes MTV drops "Music Television" from its logo #fb #
  • Long day tomorrow… Class, work, then class again… Won't get home until near 8pm #
  • @daytonward considering the 2012 campaigning started even before 2008 was over, how is that a surprise? in reply to daytonward #
  • RT @latimes: Terminator drama is FAR from over. Sony and Lions Gate in talks w private equity fund to take over franchise #
  • Heck with John Connor. What the resistance needed all these years to defeat Skynet was lawyers #
  • Bandwidth Update: Bandwidth Comics history: the 1960s #
  • Waiting for my History 171 professor to show up… #
  • Classmates are looking on jealously as I munch on a Chipotle burrito the size of my head… #fb #
  • @Tymethief Ironic, that… Here I am actually a practicing Catholic and you're the one getting followed by the church… lol in reply to Tymethief #
  • Watching Buffy season 5… just finished "The Body." Holy shiznit that was a good episode. #fb #
  • Just heard from @LegalZoom – my DBA paperwork's been filed & registered and I should have everything in a few days! #fb #
  • @Syfy ooh, ooh! Pick me! Pick me! :p in reply to Syfy #
  • RT @MethosChronicle: When ppl criticize me for loving Star Trek, games, Dr Who & comics-I pity them. When did they lose their imagination? #
  • Just finished Season 5 of Buffy… seriously, how many times did they kill her on that show? Even Harry Kim didn't die that much on Voyager #
  • Starting season 6… ah, Buffy-bot, how I didn't miss thee; still, some amusing scenes nonetheless, even if I'm rolling my eyes at the robot #
  • Demon biker gang. Nice. #
  • Of course, Star Trek never needed animal sacrifice to bring Harry Kim back to life… o.O #
  • Yeah, definitely pre-9/11… the Scoobies are seeing Giles off at the departure gate… #
  • "Nothing can go wrong tonight." So, naturally, of course it will. #
  • So, apparently "Demon biker gang. Nice" was my 1500th tweet… #
  • Met w CSUF xfer rep. He told me what I need to do to appeal; said he thinks I've got a good shot at getting denial overturned #
  • Met w CSUF xfer rep. He told me what I need to do to appeal; said he thinks I've got a good shot at getting denial overturned #fb #
  • Maybe I should sell mine then… RT @Zaxydotcom Nintendo NES With 5 Games Sells For Over $13,000 On Ebay #
  • @MethosChronicle Well, I use my HDTV as my monitor so I think I've got that covered… in reply to MethosChronicle #
  • Just dropped off my appeals paperwork in person at CSUF. Not sure how long it'll take to hear back but they say it looks good for me #
  • LOL… Buffy to Spike after he popped out from a corner: "Bell. Neck. Look into it." #
  • Ah… "Once More, With Feeling," aka Buffy: The Musical… #
  • WTF? Every other episode on all the DVDs has been anamorphic widescreen… and suddenly this one's letterboxed? #
  • Popped back into the menu and it went back to anamorphic… it's just this episode. But why? Fail, Fox DVD. FAIL. #
  • Tempted to just skip this ep. I've mentioned that I don't like musicals, right? I'd let it pass 'cause it's Buffy, but letterbox? Ugh. #
  • 1/3 through Buffy Season 6 now… taking a break to watch Stargate Universe Season 1.0 – just got the Blu-Ray set the other day #
  • Weird to think of myself thusly, but it's true: I'm a small business owner now… o.O #fb #
  • RT @NASA: Shuttle crew awoke @4:14pET to theme from Firefly. The Ballad of Serenity, performed by Sonny Rhodes, was played for Bob Behnken #
  • Guess what I got today from @LegalZoom #
  • #ohatdl CM on tram: "Everyone please keep all arms, legs, heads, shoulders, knees and toes, knees and toes inside the tram at all times" #
  • Taste Pilot's Grill in DCA plays aviation-themed music… But Freebird is pushing it. #
  • #ohatdl They're testing DCA's World of Color tonight #
  • #ohatdl "Nice grid! Looks like Tron." "Where's the light cycles?" #
  • #ohatdl Watching the World of Color testing: "How long until the show starts?" "About 130 thousand minutes." #
  • #ohatdl "It's not that crowded; it's California Adventure!" #
  • #ohatdl I grabbed a spoon and exclaimed "Spoon!" Then said "I watch too many cartoons" as a girl nearby laughed knowingly… #
  • Save it for yo mama #fb #
  • "Martha Stewart's not a demon. She's a witch." "Really?" "Nobody could do that much decoupage without consulting the forces of darkness." #
  • @ArcticMandy I first encountered that myself while I was deployed in the Middle East; there were Aussie & Brit units at the base too in reply to ArcticMandy #

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