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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-30

  • @dannymcguffin Yeah, well, I haven't gone there in a while in reply to dannymcguffin #
  • Watching old Transformers cartoons. Optimus says "we must not let Spike find out" then two seconds later tells Spike. LOL #
  • Bought my textbooks; cost nearly half what I would've paid on campus ($165 instead of $265) thanks to Amazon and Barnes & Noble #fb #
  • @walshcaitlin Hence why I shopped online and paid 48% less in reply to walshcaitlin #
  • Saw Avenue Q with some friends. Funny stuff. Wish I could've afforded to see it before when I was living in Vegas #
  • I just favorited this check it out! #TweetPhoto #
  • According to my stats program in the last 3 days has had 225 unique visitors and was bookmarked 149 times #fb #
  • lol… current trending topics on Twitter include: touchdown, colts, jets, brett favre, go vikings. I think some football games are on. #
  • Agreed. RT @theisb: [Athiests,] you don't need to rate Android's Bible apps at one star because you don't believe it. #
  • [sarcasm]I must remember to thank my mom for ensuring that I know every Elton John song by heart. 'Cause now I can't get them out of my head #
  • @Quarksbartender Nice. what'd you think of Ghost Galaxy? in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • Python. Office. IT Crowd. Dr Who. Torchwood. Primeval. Hollywood, step up your game, 'cause the BBC is kicking your ass #fb #
  • @ancire wow! Congratulations! in reply to ancire #
  • RT @PaulRieckhoff: VA: Almost 90% of calls to GIBill helpline did not connect: Vets left waiting. Ridiculous. #
  • Duh. ID4 anyone? RT @scifigeeks: Scientist says real aliens (if discovered) may want to kill us. Don't they watch SF? #
  • No surprise, really. RT @mashable: Picture This: Kodak Takes a Stake in TweetPhoto – #
  • Useful even if you're over 22… RT @TIME: A 22-year-old's guide to living on-the-cheap | #
  • Yes please! RT @COEDMagazine: who wants a $100 VISA giftcard! I know you do…info here: scroll to the bottom #
  • W00t! RT @TrekToday: News: Star Trek Online Beta Extended #
  • @theisb It might just be a new brand of bluing agent in reply to theisb #
  • @ArcticMandy One could hope that just means they're still making them…? in reply to ArcticMandy #
  • Good thing Open Beta got extended another day 'cause it's not even 9 and I'm falling asleep in my chair #
  • W00T!!!1!one! Just checked my bank account, and my first GI Bill check for the semester has arrived!! #fb #
  • RT @dhewlett: Here's the plan: We buy everything, put it back together, and then we make the Stargate Atlantis movie. #
  • Been thinking… Would this be a good time to get a new sax? Played baritone 15 yrs ago but thinking of getting an alto ($250 on Amazon) #
  • Whoever designed the parking lot by the 1400 bldg at Fullerton College needs to be flogged, shot, hung, drawn and quartered. #
  • NICE! RT @LtGenPanda: 1998: Lucas sent this to Cameron, when Titanic dethroned Star Wars at the box-office #
  • @Entil_Zha The Guardian of Forever. Failing that, either a slingshot maneuver or a Timecop pod in reply to Entil_Zha #
  • Bandwidth Comics history: the 1950s #
  • Just got myself an alto saxophone. Haven't played in years; I've been wanting to start playing again, and found a good one for $250 #
  • @BrentSpiner It's called the Newton, right? in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @Quarksbartender @super_spock I missed it, man. I was in class when all that was going down in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • @super_spock Now that I finally got my GI Bill money, I picked up a copy, and I'll be getting a lifetime sub once my headstart key arrives in reply to super_spock #
  • Living the dream… just got a "street address" PO Box for Bandwidth Comics & finishing off the DBA paperwork. #fb #
  • Ab. So. Lutely. RT @dannymcguffin: Reason to go to college in Southern California = Hot Asian Chicks.. Everywhere #
  • I hate when politicians use military as props in speeches RT @PaulRieckhoff McDonnell had a soldier in uniform sitting behind him. Not cool. #
  • Finished my DBA on – only cost me $215. Edging closer and closer to getting everything in line for my comic company… #fb #
  • Yesterday was the deadline to add a class or drop w/o a "W"-hope that means easier parking at school from now on #
  • Regoddamndiculous. Been circling the parking lot for near an hour, now I'm 20 mins late for class and still don't have a spot #
  • @gadgetdoll You're just copying me because I'm starting my own comic company. :p in reply to gadgetdoll #
  • Just registered the trademark for the Bandwidth Comics company name and logo #fb #
  • Discovered another print-on-demand comic printer, @Ka_Blam – very impressed. Ordered some custom blue-line boards & plan to print w them #
  • @Quarksbartender #stofleetnames pod(cast) people; or the (I think) obvious (if slightly unimaginative) choice, Trekcasters in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • @Entil_Zha @Quarksbartender no no no, you're doing it wrong. It'd be $+@rf1337 in reply to Entil_Zha #
  • @Entil_Zha you say tomaytoh, I say tomahto… let's call the whole thing off in reply to Entil_Zha #
  • I should probably stop tweeting and checking facebook and get back to work drawing page 9 of The Protectorate… #fb #
  • Got my DBA paperwork today; signed & returned it. Got home to 7 packages on the doorstep, so my textbooks are finally arriving now too #
  • Got my DBA paperwork today; signed & returned it. Got home to 7 packages on the doorstep, so my textbooks are finally arriving now too #fb #
  • @Tymethief Thanks for the link in reply to Tymethief #
  • Well, Star Trek Online opened the head start launch today. Naturally, I played. All the stuff from Beta was wiped, so I made a new character #

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