Joined the Star Trek Online Open Beta

Today, I installed and began playing Star Trek Online, which is in Open Beta until the end of the month. I’m very impressed; Cryptic has done an outstanding job translating the world of Star Trek into game form. After only a few hours playing the game, I’m already willing to shell out the cash for a Lifetime Subscription when it goes live in a couple weeks. It’s really that good.

Because it’s Open Beta, our settings won’t be retained when it switches over, leaving us to be somewhat whimsical with our name choices if we desire. One of my friends, Winston, decided to use the opportunity to name his ship the USS Lollypop (It’s a good ship, he insists). I decided to give a nod to the Original Series by naming my character Captain Dunsel. TOS fans will get the joke immediately. I was somewhat more serious with my ship name, the USS John Rodgers; there have been two US Navy ships with that name, in honor of one of my ancestors. I may reuse it when STO goes live; I haven’t decided yet.

Anyone who’s also playing in the Open Beta, I invite you to send me a friend request. My username is @jharlan1977.


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