Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-09

  • Back in CA; got home last night, but forgot my phone in @MrShimasaki's car after he picked me up at airport; plus Internet's down at apt #fb #
  • Yay! Internet's back up at home now! Time to catch up on all that email soon… #fb #
  • Yay! Internet's back up at home now! Time to catch up on all that email soon… #fb #
  • Picked up God of War Collection for PS3 yesterday, playing it for the 1st time. Fun game, gorgeous graphics #
  • Palindrome Day would've been better in the wee hours: 01/02/2010 at 01:02:20.10 #fb #
  • Just have to wait for Feb 1, since the rest of the world actually writes dates as DD/MM/YYYY, making that 01/02/2010 all over again #
  • Playing God of War: Beat the hydra & some minotaurs, about to face off against Medusa #fb #
  • Heck yeah. Always wanted one. RT @goodgaming: Does anyone remember this AWESOME game controller? #gaming #
  • Spent WAY too much at the local Blockbuster Going-out-of-business sale, but I couldn't help myself. Got both seasons of Jericho for $12! #
  • Also got several other DVDs for $4 each, and a couple BluRays for $12 each #
  • Hm. I think I agree RT @latimes: Iran's Intelligence Ministry includes Yale on list of 60 'subversive' institutions #
  • Started watching another British series through Netflix streaming: Primeval. Rifts in spacetime deposit extinct species in the UK #
  • Why is it I'm finding more good TV from the BBC than from the US channels? Dr Who, Torchwood, IT Crowd, Primeval, etc… #fb #
  • Buncha idiots RT @KFINEWS: Suspicious material in that closed the Bakersfield airport and sent two TSA workers to the hospital was honey. #
  • Ouch RT @princes_lea: Boy drives chopstick up nose, into brain #
  • LOL RT @Tymethief: A friend of mine just had 3 motorcycle cops tail him for 2 miles to ask him what "The cake is a Lie" means. Pure Awesome. #
  • USA! USA! :p RT @ArcticMandy: Gold metal game tonight! Canada vs. USA. GO CANADA! #
  • Reading through my genealogy again… some very interesting stuff. Several served in Revolution & Civil War. #
  • There's some nobility in my lineage, apparently. One of my ancestors was Guenta, Princess of North Wales, who lived from 1050-1088. #fb #
  • Had a migraine, slept all day until it was gone (weird dreams). Now working on the web site #fb #
  • At Disneyland today. Waiting to meet up w a friend; I'd call him but his phone's broken. Should've brought my Tracfone to loan him today #fb #
  • #ohatdl Kid on Pirates: "He's a robot!" #
  • #ohatdl Kid on Star Tours to his dad: "We might get shooted." #
  • #ohatdl Guy leaving Star Tours: "Know what I miss? The Energizer Bunny." #
  • #ohatdl Recursive Space Mountain #fb #
  • Used a Microsoft Surface touch-interface table at Innoventions. Kinda cool, but still needs lots of work #fb #
  • Fallen to the Dark Side, I have… (Me & Winston at Disneyland) #

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