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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-26

  • Trekipedia: Update 18 Sep 2009 #startrek #
  • LOL RT @daytonward I refuse to talk like a pirate today. F*ck Jack Sparrow and the ship he sailed in on. #
  • Figures. Now that summer’s over and I’m working again, I get an email from Disney’s Casting Dept to schedule an interview #
  • Trekipedia: Update 19 Sep 2009 #startrek #
  • Pod racing? I guess it was inevitable… RT @scifigeeks Video footage of the brand new Disney Star Tours #
  • Trekipedia: Update 20 Sep 2009: Fanfiction #startrek #
  • Biology class in 10 mins. “Back to school… back to school… to show my dad I’m not a fool” #
  • Sweeet… RT @BadAstronomer Not getting enough “Holy Crap!” in your life? Then behold: Saturn! #
  • @Quarksbartender Idea: Dulmer & Lucsly have to stop Romulans who time travel to ENT s1 to cause rift btwn Earth & Vulcan, preventing UFP #
  • Prof let class out 30min early. The fact that everyone was falling asleep in lecture about mitochondria & metabolism probably helped #
  • LOL @Trekcast: “I got the Targ flu” #
  • Got another big shout-out on @Trekcast about my timeline PDF! “The most involved timeline I’ve ever seen in my life.” #
  • RT @Syfy Warehouse 13 final tonight at 9! So I’m giving away W13 t-shirts to 3 random people who RT this note by noon PT 9/23. Good luck! #
  • Well, it’s about time I headed off to work now, I guess… #fb #
  • Things I won’t miss when I move: vulgar old man next door, Pedro’s wife taking my food from fridge & letting it spoil while I’m at work #fb #
  • Trekipedia: Update 22 Sep 2009: More Fanfiction #startrek #
  • Ah, sprinklers are on. White noise to drown out the “ding-ding-beep” noises coming from the crazy old guy’s room for the last 3 hours. #fb #
  • Seriously? He’s STILL playing that damn whatever the hell it is? He’s been at it for 7+ hrs! AT LEAST TURN THE DAMN SPEAKERS OFF! #fb #
  • Seriously dragging this morning. Finally fell asleep at nearly 2am. Woke up to the guy listening to Rush Limbaugh. Does he ever sleep? #fb #
  • Oh it figures. VA said today because I dropped English I got sent back to the end of the line, so no $ until the end of Oct now. #fb #
  • Killing time in the computer lab on campus before class. Trying not to stress about GI Bill problems. #fb #
  • Oh. My. God. This is frickin’ awesome! DS9 Opening credits a la BSG: #
  • @trekcast @quarksbartender You’ve gotta see this: DS9 credits done like BSG’s: #
  • @MethosTweet wasn’t it though? #
  • @MethosTweet Somebody did a similar one for Voyager with the BSG theme; it was pretty sweet as well #
  • Here’s Voyager doene in the BSG style (and oh so appropriate) @Trekcast @Quarksbartender #
  • 3rd time’s the charm? RT @scifiwire: WTF? David Cronenberg remaking The Fly AGAIN? – #
  • Yeesh. Old guy’s so deaf I pounded on his door for 5 minutes before he noticed I was there to ask him to turn the volume down again #fb #
  • Headline needs a rewrite: “Feds probe US Census worker hanging in Kentucky” Sounds like they’re shoving a probe into the corpse #fb #
  • Pretty much sums up my current situation. RT @LATimes New GI Bill, same old bureaucratic delays #
  • RT @iava Check out this video from IAVA about GI Bill delays and be sure to pass it along to other vets: #
  • Got $100 more than expected in my first paycheck of the school year. I can put some gas in my truck and get my phone turned back on! #fb #
  • Party’s over. 90 minutes & 3 bills later, I’m broke again. Phone’s back on and I’ve got gas money, though. #fb #
  • “We can lick gravity, but sometimes the paperwork is overwhelming.” Wernher von Braun #fb #
  • I have yet to participate in #FollowFriday, though I’ve had a few people throw my name out. Maybe I should start #
  • W00t! VA just announced emergency pmts for GI Bill vets w hardship & no $! #fb #
  • Halloween theme for Space Mtn was pretty cool. Actually mildly scary #fb #
  • #ohatdl At Pirates “every day is Talk Like a Pirate Day” #
  • Made dinner reservation for myself & 2 friends at Blue Bayou in Disneyland on my birthday. Always wanted to eat there. #fb #
  • This may’ve been one of the better days I’ve had in a while. The light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train #fb #
  • #FollowFriday friends: @dannymcguffin @Mefran @MethosTweet @MrShimasaki @Tymethief #
  • #FollowFriday news: @ABC7 @cnnbrk @LATimes @NBCLosAngeles @TIME @weirdnews @StephenTColbert @TheOnion #
  • #FollowFriday scifi: @BrentSpiner @NathanFillion @Quarksbartender @super_spock @syfy @Trekcast @wilw #
  • #FollowFriday others: @BadAstronomer @boyscouts @goodgaming @iava @mashable @OHatDL @shitmydadsays #
  • #ohatdl old guy on train: “SOS! Scoot Over Some!” #

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