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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-27

  • There may be a light at the end of this particular tunnel. If everything works out, next week I should be able to pay my rent after all… #
  • RT @StephenTColbert All my life, I’ve identified with strong, military role models. As a child, I ate a lot of Cap’n Crunch. #
  • I think it could use more detail but Star Trek Online has a chart mapping the new timeline here: (thx @Methos1664) #
  • Be nice if I could find my digital camera. Cloud settling on top of a mtn across the valley. Gorgeous sight. #
  • Just listened to “Craigslist” by @alyankovic – LOL Awesome song! Watch the video: #
  • Oh, so true RT @TheOnion Vaccine Rejectors Put Kids At Risk #
  • I’ve managed to come up with all but $150 of my rent for the month. Will have to pay the rest when I get my GI Bill check in a couple weeks #
  • @dannymcguffin Can’t donate blood cause of my history (time in Germany, vaccines from the military, etc), so I don’t know if I can do plasma #
  • Discovered while doing a random Star Trek search online: apparenlty Penthouse has released a parody called “This Ain’t Star Trek XXX” lol #
  • Well, I’ve got enough coming and in the bank to get me through July. Keeping my fingers crossed for a job to get me through August. #
  • Interview at Knott’s went about as expected. Should hear back in a couple days if they’re going to hire me. #
  • @BrentSpiner Dream: Standing on a pyramid in sort of sun god robes, surrounded by naked women throwing little pickles at you? in reply to BrentSpiner #
  • @Quarksbartender It’s a few years old, but here’s a decent pic: more at #trekcollection in reply to Quarksbartender #
  • @Quarksbartender Oh, you might be interested in this one #
  • @Quarksbartender Yeah, me too. I used to go there a couple times/month before I got transferred from Nellis to Turkey #
  • About halfway done w Monsterpocalypse abilities reference sheet. Looks good so far. Saved the file. Will finish it tomorrow. #
  • @jurinetblade Did a 4-player MonPoc game a couple months ago. It rocked, but the board got really full, really quick w all the units in reply to jurinetblade #
  • Just got a “you’re not hired” postcard from Knott’s #
  • My Monsterpocalypse abilities reference sheet grew to 2 pgs. Pg 1 is finished, pg 2 is nearly done. Looking good so far. #
  • The Monsterpocalypse abilities reference sheet is now finished. Looks good. #
  • How about some stimulus money for jobs for adults? RT @TIME Summer jobs make a comeback, thanks to the stimulus | #
  • @wilw Let’s not leave out “Attack of the Takeiju” #
  • @wilw The final book in the series must, of course, be Doohansday #
  • Search @wilw for some awesome Star Trek puns. It started with Shatnerquake, then Tsunimoy and Uhuracane… #
  • Summer classes start in 50 hours… leaving for a Warmachine tournament in about 15 minutes… #
  • This Father’s Day, I’m reminded of the fact that… hey, I’m not a father. (Seriously, though, happy Father’s Day to the dads out there) #
  • @super_spock uncooked ramen AND drinking the Nero Kool Aid? I suppose you’ll be signing on to his crew next… #
  • Listening to paranormal radio show re: UFOs while trying to fall asleep. If even 1/2 is real, we’re in for some serious $#!+ in a few years #
  • 1st class done for today. 2hr lunch but in line for parking permit that rivals Moscow McDonald’s. 1000s of students, 4 people working #
  • Spent an hour in the line. Now off to lunch. Next class starts in an hour #
  • Just heard a guy say “Neva thought I say dat but $#!+ I need dat book so I can do my homework.” LOL #
  • Prof is 10 mins late on 1st day, still hasn’t shown. #
  • 20 mins late prof finally shows up. Not a good way to start off. #
  • Class let out 90 min early. Seems like it’s going to be an ungodly easy A. My English class in the morning doesn’t look to be much harder. #
  • Is it really that hard to wipe off the knife before using it Subway? I’m allergic to fish and I said I didn’t want mayo on my sub. #
  • Prof was only 3 mins late today and let us go 75 mins early. #
  • Library doesn’t have my English 103 book and I don’t have $60 to buy a used copy. Not sure what I’ll do yet. #
  • Group project for Engl 103. Pick topic for next 3 papers. My group picked legalizing pot. So sick of that subj. Overruled 6-1. Bleh. #
  • Finally heard back from Disneyland. Guess I won’t be working there, either. #
  • LOL RT @wilw PRO TIP for fathers: don’t read chapter 4 of Hyperion in public. It will wreck you, and people will stare. #voiceofexperience #
  • If my card didn’t go through, it probably means I don’t have the $$. Calling me at 6:30am demanding $275 isn’t going to help, either. #
  • RT @tymethief This is either a weird joke, or just lack of realization of what some things sound like… #

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