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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-13

  • Off to proctor the SATs today #
  • It’s just wrong that whenever I see/hear the name of the game Yar’s Revenge I think of Star Trek #
  • My brother just let me know his tour in Kyrgyzstan’s been extended. Wedding postponed as a result #
  • Falling asleep while watching old Doctor Who episodes from the mid-60s. Just gonna go to bed, then. #
  • 9 days left in the school year. 12.88 unused sick days. I think I might take a “mental health day” and go to Disneyland tomorrow. #
  • #ohatdl While waving at IR light on Haunted Mansion, CM on speaker: “You’re waving at the wrong place” #
  • Slept in till 11. Spent 2 hours catching up on Facebook & Twitter. Off to get some breakfast, then to Disneyland! #
  • Space Mountain FastPasses sold out 7 hrs out. Gotta get em the second the park opens to get on before dark. #brokendisney #
  • Applied for summer job at Disneyland. Hope I get it. #
  • Bleh. Being alone w my thoughts is depressing. Feel like I’ve got nothing to show for last 13 years. #
  • Applied for a position at Disneyland yesterday. Going to apply at Knott’s tomorrow. Don’t really care what I do, as long as it pays. #
  • Another friend has passed away, far too young. Vaya con dios, Frank, even if you didn’t believe in Him. #
  • RT @NASA NASA Dryden Research F/A-18 aircraft may cause up to 12 sonic booms a.m. June 11, over and near Edwards AFB #
  • “Communism is like prohibition, it’s a good idea but it won’t work.” Will Rogers #
  • Watched Star Wars Revisited last night, a fan edit that combines the best of the orig & special editions. I think it’s the best yet #
  • At a Salvadoran restaurant w Pedro. I think he’s trying to get me drunk & I KNOW he’s trying to hook me up w the waitress #
  • Pedro puked in my water glass. He’s NOT driving my truck. We’re waiting here until my buzz is gone #
  • Yep. Summer’s officially here. The rent check bounced. #
  • You can now visit me at the far more succinct #

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