Belated update

OK, so it’s been forever and a day since I posted anything here on my blog…

I got out of the Air Force. Nine months early. No, really, I did. It was a long, involved process that took the better part of the last nine months to accomplish, but I managed to do it.

So, right now, I’m back in California, staying at my dad’s house. I’ve got three more paychecks coming from the military, and one of them hits my bank account on Monday. I’ve got a job lined up, and I’m working on getting myself a place to live by Monday.

So here’s the catch: the apartment I hoped to get fell through. The room I really wanted to rent out fell through. I’ve got two more possible rooms that I can rent out… one of them isn’t too bad, and has a decent sized room, but is a little more expensive than I’d hoped for. The other is far less expensive, but the room is tiny and there’s no laundry facility there. I’m willing to spend more for a bigger room and access to a washer & dryer. But if the bigger room doesn’t pan out, I’m pretty well guaranteed to get the tiny one… but I’ll keep looking for a bigger place and move out as soon as i can get one.

The job I’ve got lined up is causing a few headaches as well. They want my high school transcripts as well as my college degree. Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem obvious that I graduated from high school if I’ve got a college degree? At least they’re letting me do the rest of the paperwork while I wait to get said transcripts from my high school, because it’s in freaking Iowa, I’m in California now, and they only take transcript requests by mail with checks or money orders… Hopefully it won’t delay things too long, because I really need to get a second income soon, so i can have at least a little bit of overlap with the last of my military pay.

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